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Born Global: May 2024

Hello Friend, I share this as my last newsletter as CEO of Advance. Leading our community of global Australians has been an immense privilege. My goal has always been to … Continued

Born Global: April 2024

Hello Friend, There is a lot to reflect on this month. Australians are reeling from the horrific attacks in Sydney over the last week, with emotional outpouring for the victims … Continued

Born Global: March 2024

Hello Friend, The engagement and enthusiasm at the Advance Gala Dinner ️last week were truly outstanding ⭐️ 🥂. See the energy of the evening in the photo gallery, inspiring speeches, and … Continued

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Born Global: February 2024

Hello Friend, With a flurry of events and impending deadlines, we’ve compiled a ✅ checklist to help you keep an eye on things! Advance’s Gala Dinner on March 14th will … Continued

Born Global: January 2024

Hello Friend, Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday and feel refreshed 🌚🎇 Here we are reflecting on an extraordinary past year with Advance and looking forward … Continued

Born Global: December 2023

Hello Friend, As the year-end buzz gets electric ⚡ I’m taking a moment to reflect… It is a privilege to support the journeys of global Australians and keep the Advance … Continued

Global Legal Career Moves

In an era of unparalleled connectivity, legal professionals are breaking traditional barriers to explore dynamic global career paths. The exploration into “Global Legal Career Moves” is inspired by the insightful … Continued

Born Global: November 2023

Hello Friend, So many reminders this month that global Australians are at the forefront of current affairs including: Annette Young amplifying the voices for peace in the Middle East👇; Advance … Continued

Where to Celebrate the Festive Season

If you know of any other holiday meetups happening near you, please let us know 📧 China Beijing Ambassador’s Farewell Christmas Dinner Shanghai Aussie Christmas Lunch & Community Awards Hong … Continued

Born Global: October 2023

Hello Friend, The referendum raised many conversations around the discrimination and disadvantage faced by indigenous Australians. As many of us try to explain the referendum, and the outcome, to our … Continued

Where to Watch the Melbourne Cup

Special Events HONG KONG – Australian Association of Hong Kong – Long Luncheon and After Party SINGAPORE – ANZA Singapore Melbourne Cup UAE – Australia Business Council Dubai Pubs/Bars (likely … Continued

Advance at the inaugural SXSW Sydney

The very first SXSW Sydney will bring together inspiring thinkers, creators and innovators from across the world for a series of conferences, festivals, an expo and parties. If you are … Continued

Born Global: September 2023

Hello friend, We’re ecstatic to share with you the Global Australian of the Year, and the 9 Award winners in the 2023 Global Australian Awards🏆 Great to see so many of … Continued

Where to Watch the Footy Finals

AFL Grand Final USA Arlington Austin Chicago Cincinnati Dallas Houston Huntington Beach Minneapolis Nashville New York Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Diego San Francisco Santa Monica Seattle UK London: Vauxhall … Continued

#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep15: Annette Young

In this episode, you will meet Annette Young, a GameChanger in Social Impact for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Annette is an award-winning journalist and television news presenter, dedicated … Continued

#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep13: Iris Lun

In this episode, you will meet Iris Lun, a GameChanger in Technology & Entrepreneurship for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Iris is an actuary-turned entrepreneur who has channelled her … Continued

Countdown to a Historic Referendum

We are on the brink of a significant moment in Australian history, with the date – 14 October – set for our first referendum in over two decades.  Australia will … Continued

#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep7: Yalda Hakim

In this episode, you will meet Yalda Hakim, recipient of the Social Impact Award for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Yalda is an award-winning journalist and global news presenter … Continued