Diaspora policies and organisations around the world

Advance values the learnings, research and work of similar organisations around the world connecting diaspora with their home country. If any details are incorrect or out of date, please let us know ([email protected]).


AlbaniaYesAlbanian National Diaspora Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2025YesGermin & Global Albanian Foundation
AustriaYesAustria is engaged in a broad range of diaspora policies: from culture, citizenship matters, over economic policies to social protection.YesWorld Federation of Austrians Abroad
CzechiaYesFrames the country’s engagement with its national abroad engaged in all areas. Relates to consular protection, education, national elections and culture.NoCzech Centres serve a cultural diplomacy agenda globally, with limited reference to the diaspora.
DenmarkNoNo direct diaspora policy, although there is policy relating to the representation of Danish people living abroad through consular services. This is mainly for travelers, but also extends to Danish citizens living abroad.YesDanes Worldwide
EstoniaYesMainly focused on culture and language.NoAppears to be in development phase. See survey of overseas Estonians.
FinlandYesRegional policy for Finns living in Nordic countries; and a Finnish Expatriate ParliamentNo
FranceYesFrance has an elaborate and diversified set of diaspora policies. By international standards, France has one of the most generous extra-terriitorial franchise for citizens residing abroad.YesAssembly of French Citizens Abroad
GeorgiaYesParliamentary Committee
GermanyNoFor the most part, the German Government does not reach out to or encourage engagement from or with German nationals living abroad. However, they do have a robust system for expats to vote, and facilitated access from abroad to pensions for years worked in Germany.No
GreeceYesGreek diaspora policies often emphasize Greek descent, blood ties, religious affiliation and language and are not restricted to citizens.YesSAE Oceania – World Council
HungaryYesGenerally speaking, the state’s responsibility towards nationals abroad is regulated by the Act XLVI of 2001 on Consular Protection and the implementing ministerial decree on the detailed rules on consular protection.YesHungarian Diaspora Council (umbrella to overseas communities)
IrelandYesFocused on supporting, connecting with, recognising and facilitating their diaspora.YesGlobal Irish Network
ItalyYesIncludes (1) a network of consular, cultural and educational institutions abroad, (2) a system of local consultation bodies, (3) a network of regional emigration councils, (4) a specific parliamentary representation of Italians abroad, (5) a specific governmental authority for Italians abroad and (6) a unique transnational network of welfare advice centers, called Patronati.YesGeneral Council of Italians Abroad (CGIE)
KosovoYesNational Strategy for Diaspora Engagement 2023 – 2033
LatviaYesLatvia passed the Diaspora Law in 2020.YesWorld Latvian Economics and Innovation Forum;
World Federation of Free Latvians
LithuaniaYesThe Global Lithuania programme within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes the strategic guidelines for development of a diaspora policy.YesGlobal Lithuanian Leaders
NetherlandsNoLimited beyond facilitating consular assistance in cases of emergency on an ad-hoc basis.No
NorwayN/ACan’t find any information relating to one or lack thereof.YesNoram – Only focused on America.
PolandYesThe diaspora policy in Poland is implemented, in practice, by several different bodies within the governmental administration.YesDepartment for Cooperation with Polish Diaspora and Poles Abroad
Maintains a list of all organisations for overseas Poles
PortugalYesPortugal has sought to strengthen economic, social and political ties with Portuguese citizens and their descendants living abroad.YesPortuguese Diaspora Council
RomaniaYesNational Strategy for Romanians Abroad 2023-2026No
ScotlandYesScottish Connections FrameworkYesGlobal Scot
Slovak RepublicYesThe Slovak Republic shall support the national awareness and cultural identity of Slovaks living abroad, support the institutions established to achieve this purpose and relations with their home country.YesOffice of Slovaks Living Abroad
SloveniaYesAct in place recognising all Slovenians living abroad as a part of the unified Slovenian nation. Support relates to the maintenance of Slovenian language, culture and heritage.YesFour non-governmental organisations to link Slovenians abroad with their home country: Slovenian World Congress, Emigrant Association Slovenia in the World, Slovene Emigrant Association, and St. Raphael’s Society.
SpainYesDo have a diaspora policy, although in areas of social protection, it is not comprehensive.YesConexión España
SwedenNoThe Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) is in theory responsible for Swedish migrants living abroad. In practice, however, this agency is almost exclusively focused on (foreign) immigration to SwedenYesSwedes Worldwide
SwitzerlandNoYesThe Organisation of the Swiss Abroad
TurkeyYesFocuses on the successful integration of Turkish people into the countries they reside in, and support of migrants in their demands for cultural rights.YesPresidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities
United KingdomNoThe UK lacks any diaspora engagement policy or social protection policies for its nationals residing abroad, and is therefore underpinned by a passive approach to its emigrants.NoSeparate policies / organisations exist for Scots and Welsh
WalesYesDiaspora Action PlanYesGlobal Welsh
OTHERSee engagement map


GhanaNoYesStar 100
IsraelYesOne of the oldest diaspora policies with a broad multinational definition of “Jewish Diaspora”. See perspectives on the Israeli diasporaYesWorld Jewish Congress
LebanonYesYesWorld Lebanese Cultural Union
Other Middle EastSee engagement map
Other AfricaSee engagement map


ChinaYesOverseas Chinese Affairs Office
IndiaYesDivision for Overseas Indian AffairsYesExtensive network of country-specific organisations
JapanYesJapan maintains a division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Emigration and the Nikkei Communities. An Overseas Emigration Council outlined recommendations in 2000. YesAssociation of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad has broad programs (2023 Congress outcomes)
KoreaYesHas an elaborate diaspora management policy that has been used since the 1990s.YesOverseas Koreans Foundation
PhilippinesYesPhilippines’ Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) directly under the Office of the President. Role of promoting economic and cultural ties between the Philippines and its diaspora. Three special offices under the departments of labour and employment and foreign affairs focused on diaspora.
Sri LankaYesEngaging Overseas Sri Lankans for development activities is a focus of the Economic Affairs Division under the Economic Diplomacy Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
OTHERSee engagement map


AustraliaNoFollowing a Senate inquiry into Australian expatriates in 2005, there has been limited traction for a dedicated diaspora policy. This 2021 article by Andrew Rosser suggests that politics has made it hard to keep outward migration/diaspora engagement on the agenda. YesAdvance
New ZealandNoNew Zealand does not have a diaspora management plan, but investigated the role and size of the diaspora since 2004.YesKEA
OTHERSee engagement map


CanadaNoIt has been posed that a clear diaspora strategy needs to be created as a priority area within Canadian public discourse.
Canadians Abroad (now Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada)
United StatesNoYesThe Association of Americans Resident Overseas


BrazilNoYesBrazilians of the World
ChileNoYesChileGlobal Ventures and FundacionChile
ColombiaNoYesAculco – Relates to Colombians residing in Spain, Italy and England.
Costa RicaNoYesTicotal Network – For scientists and engineers who study or work abroad.
JamaicaYesGlobal Jamaica Diaspora Council
MexicoNoMexico has a robust department within the government for engaging with Mexicans around the world. The new migration policy includes aspects of relationship with Mexicans abroad, but is not a diaspora policy per se.YesRed Global MX / MX Global Network
OTHERSee engagement map