Huge pool of senior talent set to land in Australia, as expats return home post-Covid

April 1, 2022

After two years of uncertainty for Australians living and working abroad, the recent reopening of borders is expected to drive a huge surge in top global talent returning to the … Continued

Covid-19 brings global Australians home, creating new opportunities for employers

March 3, 2021

Global Australians returning home have chosen a variety of paths, but one fifth (17%) are still looking for work. Herein lies the opportunity for employers. READ THE FULL REPORT Media … Continued

Expats returning home are key to unlocking corporate Australia’s competitive edge

September 12, 2019

The report ‘They Still Call Australia Home’ explores the attitudes of Australian business and recruitment decision-makers towards Australians who have travelled and worked abroad. It also captures the job-seeking experiences … Continued