Meet this year’s remarkable GameChangers 

The Global Australian Awards recognise global Australians – including Australians living and working overseasinternational alumni of Australian universities, and recent migrants to Australia. The Global Australian Awards showcase the achievements of these inspiring global Australians who are innovating in their field and shaping the world.


Prof Glenn Denning

Global Australian of the Year & Global Impact Award

Professor Glenn Denning is a world-renowned expert in international agriculture, food security and sustainable development, who has dedicated his career to ending hunger and malnutrition. More here.


Dr Kynan Eng

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award

Dr Kynan Eng is a deep-tech entrepreneur, working at the cutting edge of neuroscience, engineering, and human-computer interaction. More here.

Peter Hazlehurst

Technology & Entrepreneurship

Peter Hazlehurst is a global fintech entrepreneur and investor who has spent 30 years leading and building tech companies in the heart of Silicon Valley. More here.

Iris Lun

Technology & Entrepreneurship

Iris Lun is an actuary-turned entrepreneur who has channelled her passion for data and technology into providing greater transparency and fairness across the insurance industry. More here.


Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel

Global Talent Award

Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel is a sustainable development specialist, consultant, author, educator and public speaker, with a decade and a half of global experience as a pioneer and leader in her field. More here.

Dr Nasir Mahmood

Global Talent

Dr. Nasir Mahmood is a world-leading materials engineer, working at the frontline of scientific discovery and research into clean energy solutions. More here.

Dr Stefania Peracchi

Global Talent

Dr. Stefania Peracchi is a nuclear physicist and engineer, working at the cutting edge of international space research. More here.


Prof Armand Mijares

Indo-Pacific Impact Award

Prof Armand Salvador B. Mijares is a renowned archaeologist, whose discoveries have led to the identification of a new human-related species. More here.

Dr Catherine Lee

Indo-Pacific Impact

Dr. Catherine T.H. Lee is a renowned craniofacial orthodontist, whose humanitarian work is changing lives in Asia. More here.

Sam Saili

Indo-Pacific Impact

Fa’aso’otauloa Sam Saili is a technology expert and community leader, driving digital transformation and tech adoption in communities across the Pacific. More here.


Dr Brett Parkinson

Emerging Leader Award

Dr Brett Parkinson is a chemical engineer working at the forefront of clean energy and decarbonisation technology. More here.

Dr Jessie Christiansen

Emerging Leader

Dr Jessie Christiansen is an accomplished Australian astrophysicist who spends her days hunting for new planets. More here.

Gregory Constantine

Emerging Leader

Gregory Constantine is an Australian tech entrepreneur whose pioneering technology company is reimaging carbon dioxide utilisation, turning a problem into a solution for the planet. More here.


Prof Abelardo Apollo Ilagan David Jr.

Alumni Award

Professor Abelardo Apollo David Jr is an occupational therapist and educator who has dedicated his career to creating inclusive education and development opportunities for differently-abled children across the Philippines. More here.

Anan Bouapha


Anan Bouapha is an internationally renowned human rights leader, and the founder of Laos’ first LGBTQI rights organisation. More here.

Dr Sri Safitri


Dr Sri Safitri is a digital transformation trailblazer, whose passion for customer experience and education has driven technology advancements impacting the lives of millions of people across Indonesia. More here.


Andrea Della Mattea

Inspiring Corporate Leader Award

Andrea Della Mattea is a global technology leader working to catalyse innovation and inclusive economic growth in the Asia Pacific region. More here.

Peter Osborne

Inspiring Corporate Leader

Peter Osborne is distinguished business leader and champion of Australian industry across Asia, supporting the growth of many now-global companies into the region over the past 30 years. More here.

Luke Petherbridge

Inspiring Corporate Leader

Luke Petherbridge leads the largest operator of logistics real estate in the US and is catalysing innovation across logistics and supply chains. More here.


Yalda Hakim

Social Impact Award

Yalda Hakim is an award-winning journalist, global news presenter and documentary filmmaker, who has spent nearly two decades bringing many of the most consequential stories of our time to audiences around the world. More here.

Andrew Quilty

Social Impact

Andrew Quilty is an award-winning photographer and journalist who spent most of the past decade documenting the impact of war on the lives of civilians across Afghanistan. More here.

Annette Young

Social Impact

Annette Young is an award-winning journalist and television news presenter, dedicated to shining the spotlight on the stories of women who are reshaping the world. More here.


Lucy McRae

Creative Excellence Award

Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist and ‘body architect’ whose multi-disciplinary work explores the implications of future technologies and scientific developments on human evolution. More here.

Elliot Kotek

Creative Excellence

Elliot Kotek is a global creative arts leader, whose hunger for innovation and impact drives his groundbreaking approach to storytelling and content creation. More here.

Stuart Skelton

Creative Excellence

Stuart Skelton is a grammy-nominated operatic powerhouse, who has been captivating audiences for more than 20 years as one of the world’s finest heldentenors. More here.

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