Tips for expats in leadership positions returning to Australia: Peter L. O’Brien, Managing Director at Russell Reynolds, offers advice for global Australians already in leadership positions, for getting their foot back in the door when returning home, and tips to be a great leader.

Tips for landing a job in Australia while still overseas: Advance member Khunapong Khunaraksa shares his personal experience – careerwise, in preparing to return to Australia after a decade overseas.

Key tips for returning senior executives after many years overseas: Advance member and career and transition specialist Margot Andersen explains how to make the move successfully.

Tips for Expats Returning to Australia: Australian Mums, Rachel and Alison, returned from the US to Australia with their families this year. In this guest post, they offer detailed tips on what expats need to know about returning to Australia, including: whether to sell or move your gear, what to do about US bank accounts, and what you should definitely bring back to Australia with you.


Understanding Advisory Board opportunities: Many Advance members consider joining a governance or advisory board of an Australian firm when returning to Australia, or while working overseas. Advisory board expert Anne Hatton from Hattonneale gives us a snapshot of the board environment in Australia.

The interim executive market in Australia: Executive search specialists Caroline McAuliffe and Jacinta Whelan from Watermark Search, share about opportunities and networks to help returning expats settle back in. Watch the presentation with insights about the landscape for interim executives, and tips on how to prepare for the Australian job market.

Managing anxiety during re-entry: Moving back to Australia after living an expat life is hard enough. But coming back in the middle of pandemic can make it that little bit more difficult. Former expat and Advance member Michael Hawton is a Child Psychologist (MAPS) and founder of Parentshop. In this article he discusses how you can help your child manage their anxiety and become more resilient during your transition home to Australia.

In the news: Australians are returning in record numbers, but reintegration is not so easy. Advance CEO Johanna Pitman speaks with The Australian’s Glenda Korporaal about returning Australians.

In the news: Half of Australian expats are back home, and they’ve brought their talents with them. Advance CEO Johanna Pitman shares survey results about returning Australians with The Age’s Zach Hope, plus stories of Advance members who have recently returned to Melbourne.