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The Commonwealth Government is our major government partner and we thank them for their ongoing support. All local and state governments are invited to join the Australian government in connecting with global Australians around the world. To find out how we can support your specific programs, please contact us here.


We thank our Partners and their valuable support to help us uncover and celebrate global Australians who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition at the annual Global Australian Awards. You can partner with us for the Awards and increase your profile as a supporter of global Australians. Find out more here.


We thank our global family of donors including our Founding Patron Anthony Pratt and Sir Michael Hintze. Australia has been blessed with brilliant leaders. As a donor, you are able to join these leaders to inspire the next generation of Australian leaders by supporting the work of To find out more, please contact us.


You are invited to join thousands of global Australians who are members of Advance. Members are invited to events around the world, have prime access to our programs, and receive resources and inspiration to support their professional journey overseas. Membership is free!