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How we are funded is an Australian non-profit organisation. It is a public company limited by guarantee and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. was established with funding provided by our Founding Patrons Anthony Pratt, Lachlan Murdoch and Peter Lowy. Today, we receive half our funding from the Commonwealth Government with contributions by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources. The other half of our funding is raised from:

  • Partnerships and sponsorships from private sector organisations
  • Philanthropic donations from private individuals 

By ensuring we have a range of funding sources, there is no single person, government or entity that has an influence on our programs or our research. does not take a position on issues and is apolitical and non-partisan. We also have a clear conflict of interest policy to which our leadership adheres.

With the support of our Patron the Prime Minister of Australia, our public and private sector funding bodies and the donors who generously contribute to our work, we are able to continue to connect the Australian diaspora with each other and with Australia, to unlock the economic and cultural opportunities through collaboration, investment and innovation.

Getting involved

We invite you to join us on this important journey. Here are some of the ways you and your organisation can become involved.


The Commonwealth Government is our major government partner and we thank them for their ongoing support. All local and state governments are invited to join the Australian government in connecting with global Australians around the world. To create an Government Partner Package that supports your specific programs, please contact our CEO Maria MacNamara > JOIN


You are invited to join thousands of global Australians who are members of Members are able to access invitations to invitation-only events and join events anywhere in the world. They participate as speakers and guests at our roundtables, fireside chats and town hall session. Members also receive the Born Global News and their achievements are featured in our social media channels and on our website. Membership is free > JOIN


We thank our partners the nab, the University of Sydney Business School, Indeed, GE Healthcare and Atlassian for their support of our work. We also thank our 2019 Advance Award table partners and invite all organisations who want to connect with global Australians in Australia and around the world, to join as partners. Partner packages are available for startups, scaleups and established companies and unlock the range of programs delivered by globally. To create an Partner Package, please contact our CEO Maria MacNamara > JOIN


Sponsorships are available for each program. This includes the Advance Award Gala Dinner, the Advance Award Global Australian of the Year, category prizes for the Advance Awards and the Advance Global Summit. There are also sponsorships available for the Advance Connect roundtable and Town Hall program. We also have sponsorships on offer for Advance Research Program. For additional information, please contact our CEO Maria MacNamara > JOIN


We thank our global family of donors including our Founding Patron Anthony Pratt and Sir Michael Hintze. Australia has been blessed with brilliant leaders. As a donor, you are able to join these leaders to inspire the next generation of Australian leaders by supporting the work of Donations can be made in cash or in-kind donations. Please note that Advance US and UK entities have tax deductibility status. Financial contributions are fully tax deductible in the United States, click here for more information. To find out more information on the tax deductibility of donations made in the United Kingdom, click here. For additional information, please contact our CEO Maria MacNamara > JOIN