#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep24: Dr Jessie Christiansen

In this episode, you will meet Dr Jessie Christiansen, a GameChanger in the Emerging Leader category of the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Jessie is an accomplished Australian astrophysicist who spends her days hunting for new planets. As the lead scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Archive at the California Institute of Technology, Jessie’s research focuses on studying exoplanets, which are planets around other stars. She has published multiple exoplanet discoveries and co-authored discoveries on thousands more. 

In this inspiring interview Jessie shares her passion for discovery and how much she loves her job! She discusses the challenges of her research work and the obvious highlights in hunting down and finding another planet (or in her case, 60+!). Jessie’s enthusiasm for her work is infectious as she describes NASA’s next mission of creating the Habitable Worlds Observatory which will, through an incredibly large telescope, be able to see earth-like planets around other stars! Jessie also has very sound advice for school leavers.

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