The Aussie scientist whose mission is to feed the world

“The potential is there, but you can’t eat potential.”

It’s a borrowed line that appears in the final chapter of Glenn Denning’s new book that neatly encapsulates his approach to addressing one of the world’s most complex problems: feeding a planet of 8 billion people healthy and nutritious food while protecting the environment for current and future generations.

“I had this epiphany when I was writing the book during COVID-19 that I knew what was needed to transform the global food system, but it doesn’t happen by chance. There are no miracles. It happens because people change the ways they think and act and have the skill sets and motivation to go out and essentially be the agents of change,” said Professor Denning, who has been awarded the prestigious Global Australian of the Year Award for 2023…

Read the full story, published here in AFR (Australian Financial Review) [PDF version]