#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep16: Elliot Kotek

In this episode, you will meet Elliot Kotek, a GameChanger in the Creative Excellence category for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Elliot is a global creative arts leader, whose hunger for innovation and impact drives his groundbreaking approach to storytelling and content creation. Based in Los Angeles, Elliot is Founder and CEO of award-winning production company The Nation of Artists, a multi-media studio that works collaboratively to produce high-impact content ranging from documentaries to animations and virtual reality. Over the past 15 years, Elliot’s work has generated more than 7 billion media impressions and been honoured with more than 50 international awards, including an Emmy and 5 Cannes Lions awards.

In this interview, Elliot shares his journey from a double degree in Science and Law at Monash University to enrolling in theatre school in New York and then working in journalism. Elliot describes how the questions he asked in interviews related to meaningfulness and purpose, which led him to explore these topics in depth. Out of this came the focus of creating impact through ideas and empathy. Elliot’s inspiration is to change the world through various forms of storytelling, with whatever has the greatest reach and creates the most impact.

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