Living overseas can be challenging, but so can moving back to Australia. Everything feels familiar, yet different, and it can be difficult to settle back in.

Join our Talent Return Program, offered twice a year, to help you navigate the next steps.

Or check out these handy resources to get started…

  • Prepare yourself mentally – check out case studies and articles from returning Australians and resources, including groups to join and relocation assistance.
  • Start your job search – read through our tips and check out the jobs board
  • Build your professional network – by attending relevant events in Australia
  • Catch up on news you’ve missed – these recent news items will get you up to speed with policy changes and local discussions
  • Join others on this journey – our LinkedIn group has career-related discussions; the #CoffeeHour helps you meet others in a similar situation; meanwhile the Facebook “Expats Coming Home” group is invaluable for broader relocation discussions