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We recognise that moving home can be difficult, and is especially arduous right now due to COVID-19. This page collates useful resources and COVID-19 updates to help Australians overseas plan and prepare for their journey home.

Resources and Information

Living overseas can be challenging, but so can moving back to Australia. Everything feels familiar, yet different, and it can be difficult to settle back in. Here are some helpful resources and information to aid your return.

Returning during COVID-19

Guidance on returning to Australia: Read the latest advice on border restrictions, quarantine processes, and the steps you must take before travelling.

Register to return to Australia: This registration portal is for Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents who wish to return to Australia and have been unable to do so. Registering allows the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to better understand who’s trying to return home and to help arrange more commercial flights.

Overseas financial assistance: If you have been unable to return to Australia, and are experiencing financial distress, check if you are eligible for financial support from the Australian Government.

Aussie Expats Coming Home: A Facebook group for Australian expats who have either returned home, or are considering returning home, sharing tips and tricks and organising meet ups.

COVID-19 restrictions across Australian states and territories: Whether you are required to quarantine upon arrival, or wish to travel to another state/territory after arriving, the relevant restrictions for each location may differ slightly.

Australian Government response to the COVID-19 outbreak: The official Australian Government Covid-19 response website.

Australians in the UK: Information for Australians in the United Kingdom to get home safely. 

Australians in the US: Information for Australians in the United States including registering with DFAT, emergency financial assistance, and other support. 

Directory of all Australian embassies, high commissions and consulates: Find your nearest Australian representative office for country-specific information and services.

Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs: Find out about Australian visas, immigration and citizenship, as well as updates to Australia’s immigration and border arrangements during COVID-19 for Australian citizens, permanent residents, their immediate families and those with Australian visas.

Helpful Articles

Returning to Australia: Find government information for former residents returning to Australia, on a range of issues including citizenship, visas, customs clearance and bringing pets and possessions back to Australia.

Tips for Expats Returning to Australia: Australian Mums, Rachel and Alison, returned from the US to Australia with their families this year. In this guest post, they offer detailed tips on what expats need to know about returning to Australia, including: whether to sell or move your gear, what to do about US bank accounts, and what you should definitely bring back to Australia with you.

Moving checklist and advice: Detailed information targeted at non-Australians moving to Sydney, with practical content for all about shipping, schools, banking etc

Have we missed anything? Let us know if you think other content might be useful for Australians returning home from overseas.