#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep14: Andrew Quilty

In this episode, you will meet Andrew Quilty, a GameChanger in Social Impact for the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Andrew is an impressive multi award-winning photographer and journalist who spent a decade documenting the impact of war on the lives of civilians across Afghanistan. Andrew travelled to two thirds of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, documenting the country through pictures and the written word, shedding light on the rich and often untold stories of people and places at the centre of a global conflict zone.

In this in-depth interview Andrew shares the challenges and ethical considerations of photojournalism in war and how, over his time in Aghanistan, his focus really honed in on the underdogs of war. Andrew describes how he sees himself as a conduit between the photographed scene happening in a far away place and the viewer seeing his work perhaps over their breakfast, aiming to evoke an emotional response.

Andrew is the recipient of nine Walkley Awards, including Australia’s highest journalism accolade, the Gold Walkley, which he received in 2016 for his powerful photojournalism piece, ‘The Man on the Operating Table’.  Andrew generously shares this story with us and the impact that experience had on him personally and his work. What an honour it was to hear his story.

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