Born Global: October 2023

Hello Friend,

The referendum raised many conversations around the discrimination and disadvantage faced by indigenous Australians. As many of us try to explain the referendum, and the outcome, to our international friends, I really appreciated the thoughtful reflection of Advance Ambassador, Melanie Brock, about how these discussions can play out globally.

I’ve enjoyed connecting with many of the Australian business chambers and associations around the world – I am working my way through this impressive list! If you run one of these organisations, please get in touch if we haven’t already connected! This month’s poll 📊 asks you to let us know about your engagement with Aussie organisations when you are overseas. 

Lastly, tickets will go on sale shortly for our signature event and only annual fundraiser, the 2024 Advance Gala Dinner on Thursday March 14th in Sydney! If you are seeking an inspiring night out or looking for a way to engage your corporate clients, save the date and spread the word to support Advance.

‘Til next time,
Johanna Pitman
CEO | Advance

This month’s image ☝️ –  The Great Ocean Road, winding its way along 243 kilometres of Victoria’s rugged south-west coast, is one of Australia’s most scenic drives. Did you know that the road was built as a permanent memorial for those who died during the First World War, and a re-employment scheme for returned soldiers? Read more here.


History was made this week with a new Asia-Pacific version of the iconic SXSW held in Sydney! Global thinkers and creators have gathered, including an impressive line-up of Advance GameChangers, Advance advisors, and friends! 🚀 


Advance Global Australian of the Year (2016) ⭐️ Prof Genevieve Bell AO will lead the Australian National University from next year. Returning to Australia in 2017 after three decades in the United States, Genevieve established new academic programs around AI and data. Her remarkable journey here. 🎓


The referendum asked all Australians to consider ways to address the disadvantage confronting First Nations’ people. Our poll last month revealed around half of the Advance community intended to vote in the referendum. Read how Advance Ambassador, Melanie Brock AM, navigated these conversations in Japan.


In a world gripped by uncertainty, Advance GameChanger Dr. Alison Thompson shines as a beacon of hope. Her remarkable leadership, as she fearlessly guides volunteers to provide essential aid in the face of conflict is explored in this Forbes article.


Sam Hilton, a 37-year-old surfer, adventurer, and environmental advocate now calls the Galápagos Islands home. Sam shares his inspiring journey using surfing as a force for good. Read Sam’s postcard and consider joining his mission to make a positive impact on the Galápagos Islands.🏄‍♂️🌊


Prepare to be enchanted by Sophie Blackall‘s latest masterpiece! In her funniest work to date, the Australian author, illustrator and Advance 2020 Global Icon invites us to experience the vivid imagination of a child as they envision life as a horse. 📚🐎 Sophie shares the inspiration for the book here.


The acclaimed Australian World Orchestra brings together spectacular Australian musicians from all over the world. If you are in Sydney or Melbourne next month, don’t miss their captivating performance of Mahler 9 🎶 Learn about these upcoming performances and secure your tickets.


The Melbourne Cup with all its pageantry is just around the corner 👒🏆 with special events planned in Hong Kong and Singapore! If racing is not your thing, check out our events page – it’s updated weekly with a range of options around the world. Let us know if you want to add your event to the list! 


Browse our regularly refreshed job listings showcasing exciting career prospects across industry sectors and locations. Whether you’re after a particular position or an opportunity in a specific country, use relevant keywords to find your perfect job. Start exploring today! 🧑‍💻

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