Insight and perspectives from Global Leaders in and out of the Advance community, previous award winners and ambassadors as well as research relating to global Australians.


A roundtable discussion curated by a high-achieving and innovative individual within the Advance community. These intimate events are limited to 25 guests, providing them with a chance to gain fresh perspectives and cultivate future collaborations through exchanges on the latest industry trends, international cultural, political and social issues and how they relate to Australia. MORE >

RESEARCH AND SURVEYS conducts research with partners to inform decision making in relation to global Australians and the opportunities available to Australia and the markets its serves. Our report in 2019 “They Still Call Australia Home” discussed the experience of global Australians returning to Australia. In 2020 we will be conducting two pieces of research that allow us to identify the skills available globally and the gaps for skills in the Australian economy. MORE >


Open discussions to which all global Australians and their friends are invited to attend. Presentations delivered by global Australian leaders, former Advance Award winners and the Ambassadors from key locations. MORE >


Read about take on soft power, innovation post covid and MORE >