The Global Australian Award finalists and winners are global Australians and alumni of Australian universities who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition.

Dr Abigail Allwood

Overall Award Winner 2020
Science & Technology Award Winner 2020

Dr Abigail Allwood is at the cutting-edge of space exploration. She is one of only seven principal investigators developing innovative instruments to accompany the Mars 2020 Rover expedition. Not only is she the first Australian, but also the first woman scientific lead on a Mars mission.

Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2021
Dr Abu Bakar Suleiman is a health expert and passionate educator.

Adam Garone

Social Impact Award Finalist 2021
Adam Garone is a big-hearted socially savvy change-maker. He co-founded and led the Movember Foundation from its humble beginnings in 2003 in Melbourne Australia to become a global phenomenon, changing not only the face of men’s health, but the way charities operationalise fundraising.

Adam Gilmour

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2019
Adam is the CEO and Founder of Gilmour Space Technologies, a venture-funded rocket company in Queensland, Australia that is developing a new breed of hybrid launch vehicles for small satellite/payload customers.

Dr Aida Brankovic

Australian Global Talent Award Finalist 2022
Dr Aida Brankovic is an engineer and scientist working at the cutting edge of biomedical innovation.

Dr Aihua Wang

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Dr Jianhua Zhao and Dr Aihua Wang have dedicated their remarkable careers to the advancement of solar cell technologies.

Aisha Jalil

Alumni Award Winner 2022
Aisha Jalil is a trailblazer in international cricket, driving women’s participation from the pitch to the boardroom.

Alexandra Readhead

Energy & Resources Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE ENERGY AND RESOURCES AWARD WINNER 2018 Alexandra Readhead works with governments of developing countries to strengthen their laws, institutions and capabilities to address tax avoidance in the extractive sector.

Alexie Seller

Social Impact Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2018 Renewable energy entrepreneur Alexie Seller lives in Bangalore in India, where she co-founded the social enterprise Pollinate Energy, bringing life-changing sustainable products such as solar-powered lights, water purifiers, clean cookstoves and mosquito nets to families in India’s urban slums and Nepal’s rural communities.

Alison Thompson OAM

Social Impact Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2016 Dr Alison Thompson is a humanitarian incident commander running refugee camps, field hospitals and resiliency hubs in natural and man-made disasters around the world for the past 22 years.

Andrea Boyd

Emerging Leader Award Winner 2021
Andrea Boyd is a moonshot believer. She grew up in country South Australia, watching Star Trek avidly, and worked hard to become the first Australian flight controller, talking to the astronauts who lived in the space station as it orbits Earth.

Andrew Harper

Social Impact Award Winner 2017

Andrew Harper has been working with refugees since the 1990s when he worked in Turkey during the first gulf war for UNHCR.

Andrew Hudson

Social Impact Award Finalist 2020

To meet crisis day in and day out, Executive Director and CEO of Crisis Action, Andrew Hudson, says honesty, trust and personal communication are constant allies.

Andrew Tanner

Clean Technology Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE CLEAN TECHNOLOGY AWARD WINNER 2014 “What makes Andrew such a visionary in the clean tech industry is his powerful mix of strong technical expertise combined with his natural business and marketing talent.

Angelica Cheung

Alumni Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2018ADVANCE ASIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE Angelica Cheung has played an integral role in the development of China’s fashion industry. Upon joining Condé Nast China as the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China in 2005, Angelica Cheung spearheaded the launch of the publication and for the past thirteen years, has led its growth to international acclaim.

Angelica Mesiti

The Arts Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2019 Angelica lives and works between Paris and Sydney.

PROFESSOR Anne Bamford

Education and Research Award Finalist 2021
Professor Anne Bamford is a global innovator in education, and a celebrated thought-leader when it comes to the future working world.

Dr Antoni Tsaputra

Alumni Award Finalist 2022
Dr Antoni Tsaputra is a champion of inclusion and accessibility for people living with a disability.

Anuradha Gupta

Asia Impact Award Winner 2022
Anuradha Gupta is a global health leader whose work has saved the lives of millions of children in communities around the world.

Dr Arjun Goyal

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2021
Dr Arjun Goyal is a venture capitalist in personalised medicine, motivated to create and invest in companies that translate groundbreaking science into innovative medicines across oncology and genetic diseases to impact patients globally.

Barry Bourne

Energy & Resources Award Winner 2013

Global exploration experience ranging from greenfields exploration to advanced project execution in mining and exploration.

Dr Barry Kirby AO

Science & Healthcare Award Winner 2022
Dr Barry Kirby AO is a carpenter-turned-doctor whose radical career change is now saving the lives of new mothers and babies in remote communities across Papua New Guinea.

Professor Barry Marshall

Global Impact Award Winner 2018

In 2005 Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in recognition of their 1982 discovery that a bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, causes one of the most common and important diseases of mankind: peptic ulcer disease.

Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk OAM

Sustainability Award Winner 2020

Dr Bart Kolodziejczykis a nanoscientist and inventor intent on busting his brilliance out of the lab and into the world of commercialisation. Bart is addressing health, energy and climate change issues by innovating new technologies.

Baz Luhrmann

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE AUSTRALIAN GLOBAL ICON AWARD WINNER 2014 Born in Sydney, Australia, Baz Luhrmann has captured popular and critical imagination internationally with a diverse range of award-winning projects in film, opera, theatre, and music.

Dr Ben Hindson

Life Sciences Award Winner 2021
Dr Ben Hindson is an entrepreneur and a visionary at the forefront of life-science tools.

Betty Who

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE COMMERICAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2017 Betty Who was born in Sydney and raised as a classical cellist, until moving to the US in her adolescence to study music.

Brett Solomon

Social Impact Award Winner 2013

Brett Solomon is co-founder and Executive Director of Access, a new global movement for digital freedom with offices in New York, Brussels, Santiago and Tunis.

Brook Andrew

The Arts Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2018 Brook Andrew is an interdisciplinary artist who examines dominant narratives, often relating to colonialism and modernist histories.

Dr Bruce Stillman AO

Global Impact Award Winner 2021
Dr Bruce Stillman is a visionary biochemist revolutionising cancer research through molecular biology and genetics.

Professor Bryan Gaensler

Science & Technology Award Finalist 2020

Professor Bryan Gaensler is an award-winning astronomer and author who is internationally recognised for his groundbreaking work on dying stars, interstellar magnets and cosmic explosions.


Asia Impact Award Finalist 2021
Dr Cheong Koon Hean is the imaginative architect-planner credited with shaping much of Singapore’s urban landscape.

Cameron Hepburn

Clean Technology Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE CLEAN TECHNOLOGY AWARD WINNER 2015 Cameron is an academic and entrepreneur.

Cameron McLean

Inspiring Corporate Leader Award Finalist 2022
Cameron McLean is a global leader in the rapidly growing fintech industry.

Caroline Angoorly

Sustainability Award Finalist 2020

A suit-wearing eco-warrior armed with a strategic mind and commercial rigour, Caroline Angoorly has earned her stripes operating, developing and financing large energy infrastructure projects.

Caroline Malcolm

Education and Research Award Finalist 2022
Caroline Malcolm is one of the world’s most influential voices on blockchain and digital assets, and their impact on international public policy.

Professor Carolyn McGregor AM

Technology Innovation Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARD WINNER 2015 Carolyn McGregor is the Dean of the Faculty of Business and IT and an alumni Canada Research Chair based at Ontario Tech University.

Dr Carolyn Watson

The Arts Award Finalist 2021
Carolyn Watson is Music Director of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra in Indiana and Principal Guest Conductor of the Kansas City Chamber Orchestra.

Cat Thao Nguyen

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2020

Cat Thao Nguyen is a trailblazer. Cat Thao (Nguyễn Cát Thảo) is the Managing Director of Global Ready LLC, a consultancy that assists organisations and individuals to lead inclusively in a globalised world.

Charles Caldas

Commercial Creatives Award Finalist 2020

A paradigm shifter in the global independent music industry, Charles Caldas has earned his reputation fighting to ensure artists share in the profits from the digital music revolution.

Chris Behrenbruch

Biotechnology Award Winner 2012

A healthcare entrepreneur and innovator leading an ASX-listed pharmaceutical company focused on delivering disruptive precision oncology products.

Christel Cornilsen

The Arts Award Finalist 2022
Christel Cornilsen is an international filmmaker harnessing the power of storytelling as a tool for social change.

Dr Christian Thompson AO

The Arts Award Finalist 2020

Dr Christian Thompson AO is a contemporary artist whose work explores identity, cultural hybridity, gender & history. Christian himself made history when he became the first Aboriginal Australian to be admitted into the University of Oxford in its 900-year legacy.

Dr Christopher Boshuizen

Overall Award Winner 2014
Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE GLOBAL AUSTRALIAN AWARD WINNER 2014ADVANCE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AWARD WINNER 2014ADVANCE BOARD MEMBER Chris is a Partner at the venture capital firm DCVC, which specialises in deep tech and data-driven science and engineering companies.

Christopher Doyle

The Arts Award Winner 2020

Christopher Doyle is an award-winning cinematographer. Works like Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love have been met with international critical acclaim, and have found a firm footing in Chinese cinema and international cinema in the West.

Craig Barratt

Technology Innovation Award Winner 2013

A global industry leader in wireless technology and communications, and Senior Vice President and GM at Intel, and Chair of NASDAQ-listed Intuitive Surgical.

Craig Leeson

Sustainability Award Finalist 2022
Craig Leeson is an award-winning filmmaker, journalist, presenter and entrepreneur, on a mission to end single-use plastic within a generation.

Dalene Wray

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2018 Dalene Wray is the managing director of OBE Organic and is driving change, innovation and digital adoption in the Australian beef industry.

Damien Mahoney

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Finalist 2021
Damien Mahoney is a digital media innovator and social content mastermind.

Dana Cordell

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2016 Dr Dana Cordell is a Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

Dr Daniel Timms

Life Sciences Award Finalist 2021
Dr Daniel Timms is a medtech heart throb, having designed a device to totally replace the heart!

Daria Rippingale

Financial Services Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2019 Daria is Chief Executive Officer at Bankingblocks, a European wholesale banking and payment provider, serving global fintech and payment companies.

Dr Darian McBain

Sustainability Award Winner 2021
Dr Darian McBain is a sustainable ocean economy advocate. She is the Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Thai Union, a multi-billion dollar listed seafood producer in Bangkok.

Darren McIntyre

The Arts Award Finalist 2021
Darren McIntyre is a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and is now the newly appointed Artistic Director of Ballet Pensacola in Florida.

Professor Daryl Williams

Science & Technology Award Finalist 2020

Professor Daryl Williams is the inventor and scientific pioneer of a new family of scientific methods for powder characterisation. Every solid drug substance developed globally in the past 15 years will have been tested for stability and moisture uptake using the instruments he has developed.

David Droga

Overall Award Winner 2012
Creative Industries Award Winner 2012

Australian advertising executive and the founder and chairman of Droga5, an advertising agency headquartered in New York City with an office in London.

David Fidock

Life Sciences Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE LIFE SCIENCES AWARD WINNER 2016 Professor David Fidock’s major achievements in the life sciences have been the discovery of how the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum acquired resistance to the first-line antimalarial drugs chloroquine and artemisinin.

Professor David Hunter AC

Life Sciences Award Finalist 2020

Professor David Hunter is undoubtedly the leading epidemiologist on cancer globally. His work at Harvard University uncovered genetic associations and gene-environment associations for breast and prostate cancers, and he has initiated and been a lead investigator in a series of large scale research studies to determine the links between genetics and cancers, in the USA, in Africa, and now the UK.

Dr David Pender

Science & Technology Award Finalist 2020

A manufacturing revolutionary, Dr David Pender has designed and run some of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world. He has started them up, debugged them and brought them to full capacity.

David Putrino

Overall Award Winner 2019
Healthcare Award Winner 2019

David is the Director Of Rehabilitation Innovation at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, a Coach at the Entrepreneurship Lab (ELabNYC) Bio & Health Techand the “Chief Mad Scientist” at Not Impossible Labs. He is a physical therapist with a PhD in Neuroscience and worked as a clinician in Australia, before moving to the United States to study computational neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, MIT and NYU.

David Sinclair

Life Sciences Award Winner 2017

David Sinclair, Ph.D. is a Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Founding Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard. He is also a Conjoint Professor at the University of New South Wales, Honorary Professor, University of Sydney, and Co-Chief Editor of the journal Aging.

David Thompson

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2019 Australian chef, author, television presenter, and restaurateur, David Thompson is considered by many to be the world’s leading authority on Thai cuisine.

Debra Walton

FinTech Award Finalist 2021
Debra Walton is a dynamic executive at the intersection of finance and technology.

Derek Buckmaster

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2018
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AWARD WINNER 2018 Derek is the General Manager for R&D Materials at WarpForge.

Derek Muller

Commercial Creatives Award Finalist 2021
Derek Muller is revered as a millennial science communicator. Combining his love of science and film, Mr Muller created the Youtube channel Veritasium, a pioneering learning platform that has gone viral on social media and is now used by teachers in classrooms around the globe.

Ed Robinson

FinTech Award Winner 2021
Ed Robinson is a fintech revolutionary and the Australian co-founder of Stash.

Dr Elizabeth Jens

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2022
Dr Elizabeth Jens is one of the world’s leading rocket scientists, working on the front line of the international space industry.

Professor Fiona Wood AM

Global Impact Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE GLOBAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2016 Winthrop Professor Fiona Wood AM is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialising in the field of burn care, trauma and scar reconstruction.

Frances Voon

Social Impact Award Winner 2022
Frances Voon is a global human rights leader who has dedicated her life to advancing the rights of refugees.

Garry McQuinn

The Arts Award Finalist 2020

As a maverick of global stage productions, Garry McQuinn operates at the heart of untold stories and new audiences. Adept at strumming the tension between the creative and commercial worlds, Garry has been instrumental in opening the world of commercial theatre to Australian talent.

Professor Gaye Sculthorpe

Global Impact Award Winner 2022
Professor Gaye Sculthorpe is a Palawa woman from Tasmania who has become an international steward of Australia’s Indigenous cultural heritage.

Geoffrey Garrett

Education Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE EDUCATION AWARD WINNER 2016 Dr Geoffrey Garrett is Dean, Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise, and Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Geraldine Buckingham

Financial Services Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2018 A Rhodes Scholar who studied at Oxford, Dr Geraldine Buckingham is the youngest BlackRock executive reporting directly to CEO Larry Fink – tasked with long-term strategic thinking at the world’s largest asset manager.

Greg Norman

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE AWARDS AUSTRALIAN GLOBAL ICON WINNER 2015 Greg Norman was labelled the “Great White Shark” by a newspaper reporter during the 1981 Masters Tournament, but he began exhibiting all the characteristics of that deep-sea creature long before that.

Hugh Evans

Social Impact Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE AWARDS SOCIAL IMPACT WINNER 2015 Hugh Evans is an Australian humanitarian and internationally renowned development advocate.

Hugh Whalan

Sustainability Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE SUSTAINABILITY AWARD WINNER 2019 Hugh is passionate about the use of innovative business models to solve the world’s big problems. 

Dr Hum Gurung

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2022
Dr Hum Gurung is a relentless conservationist dedicated to ensuring communities are placed at the centre of environmental sustainability.

Jackie Yun

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2017 Jackie Yun was born in Sydney, Australia and is of Papua New Guinea (PNG) Chinese heritage.

James Gorman

Financial Services Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2015 James P. Gorman (born July 14, 1958, in Melbourne, Australia) joined Morgan Stanley in February 2006 as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Global Wealth Management Group (GWMG).

Jane Sloane

Financial Services Award Winner 2012

Jane has long been committed to making a difference in the social sector, holding executive positions in organisations such as World Vision, Marie Stopes International, International Women’s Development Agency, and the Social Entrepreneurs Network, where she was the founding CEO.

Jason Day

Sport Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE SPORTS AWARD WINNER 2016 Jason Day is an Australian professional golfer and PGA Tour, member.

Jeni Klugman

Financial Services Award Winner 2013

Dr Jeni Klugman is the Director of Gender and Development at the World Bank Group.

Professor Jenni Evans

Sustainability Award Finalist 2020

Showing that science is an innately creative endeavour, Professor Jenni Evans has forged a brilliant career merging research fields and forging interdisciplinary partnerships to tackle complex hypotheses and society’s biggest challenges.

Jennifer Nason

Financial Services Award Winner 2020

Jennifer Nason is considered one of Australia’s most successful global business leaders and one of the most senior and influential women on Wall Street. She attributes her career trajectory to a willingness to live outside her comfort zone, a love of constant learning and calculated risk.

Jennifer Robinson

Social Impact Award Finalist 2021
Jennifer Robinson is a human rights lawyer and bonified UK national hero.

Jeremy Balkin

Overall Award Winner 2017
Financial Services Award Winner 2017

Jeremy Heimans

Social Innovation Award Winner 2012

As co-founder and CEO of, Jeremy’s work has literally mobilised millions of citizens and consumers to help solve major global problems.

Jess Conoplia

Commercial Creatives Award Finalist 2020

A global leader shaping film and television industry policy, Jess Conoplia has actively lead on-screen sector development, diversity and advocacy for members world-wide.

Jianhua Zhao

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Working with his wife he made remarkable advances in solar cell technologies, and prices continue to drop.

Professor Jill Banfield

Life Sciences Award Winner 2020

A mineralogist-turned-microbiologist, Jillian Banfield has made outstanding contributions to our understanding of the structure, function and diversity of microbial communities in natural environments and the human body.

Jimmy Pham AM

Asia Impact Award Winner 2021
Jimmy Pham AM is the unstoppable force and visionary founder behind Vietnam’s leading social enterprise KOTO (Know One, Teach One).

John Mattick AO

Global Impact Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE GLOBAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2019 Professor John Mattick AO, FAA, FTSE, is an Australian molecular biologist internationally recognised for his blend of ahead-of-its-time genomic research with world-renowned leadership of prime research institutes in Australia and around the globe.

Dr John McHutchison AO

Global Impact Award Winner 2020
Life Sciences Award Finalist 2020

Professor Dr McHutchison AO has played a central and critical role in developing the curative treatments for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV). To develop this treatment is a remarkable accomplishment destined to improve the health of many millions of people.

John Polson

Creative Industries Award Winner 2013

An award-winning actor, director and producer who has garnered worldwide attention directing feature films such as Siam Sunset.

Jonathan Mills AO

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AWARD WINNER 2014 “As an artist himself, a composer, Jonathan understands the arts from a personal perspective.

Jose Pacamalan

Alumni Award Finalist 2021
Jose ‘Apollo’ Pacamalan is the ingenious social impact powerhouse behind a range of pioneering provincial agriculture organisations in the Philippines.

Justin O'Shea

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE COMMERCIAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2016 Justin spent his formative years in a remote aboriginal community in Queensland, Australia, working in the mines with his father and unpacking boxes at a supermarket.

Professor Justin Wolfers

Education Award Finalist 2020

Described as one of Australia’s most unorthodox and influential academic exports, Professor Justin Wolfers shifts the lens on economic discourse and the stereotype of economics in equal measure.

Professor Karen Day AM

Overall Award Winner 2015
Life Sciences Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE GLOBAL AUSTRALIAN AWARD WINNER 2015ADVANCE LIFE SCIENCES AWARD WINNER 2015 Karen Day AM is a distinguished malaria researcher dedicated to the improvement of global health.

Professor Karen Thorpe

Education Award Finalist 2020

In her formative years as a young teacher, Karen Thorpe was struck by the stark inequities in children’s early learning opportunities.

Karyl Nairn

Financial Services Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2014 Karyl Nairn, Queens Counsel (QC), was born in Perth and is a graduate of the University of Western Australia.

Professor Kate Crawford

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Finalist 2022
Professor Kate Crawford is a leading scholar of the social and political implications of artificial intelligence (AI).

Kate Glazebrook

Science & Technology Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AWARD WINNER 2019 Kate is Co-founder, Chair, and previous CEO of Applied, the essential platform for de-biased recruiting.

Professor Kate Manne

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2022
Professor Kate Manne is a moral philosopher, regarded as one of the world’s top thinkers in the field of feminist philosophy.

Khunapong Khunaraksa

Sustainability Award Finalist 2022
Khunapong Khunaraksa is an energetic advocate for sustainability and social impact in Asia, and has dedicated his career to solving the region’s toughest sustainability issues in water sanitation and plastic pollution.

Dr Kira Mileham

Sustainability Award Finalist 2021
Dr Kira Mileham is the ecological cupid of species conservation. She connects the world’s leading conservationists and scientists from 163 countries with organisations, governments, donors and practitioners to collectively ensure species survival. 

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Alumni Award Winner 2013

A pioneer of the biotechnology industry in India and the head of the country’s leading biotechnology enterprise, Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is a highly respected businesswoman.

Dr Laode M Syarif

Alumni Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2019 Dr Syarif is the Executive Director at The Partnership for Governance Reform in Indonesia, and the former Commissioner for Indonesia Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) (2015-2019).

Lauren Jackson

Sport Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE SPORTS AWARD WINNER 2015 Lauren Elizabeth Jackson (born 11 May 1981) is an Australian professional basketball player.

Leanne Kemp

Technology Innovation Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AWARD WINNER 2018 Leanne Kemp is the Founder & CEO of Everledger.

Dr Lee Rong

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Finalist 2022
Dr Lee Rong is a global pioneer of information and communication technologies shaping the future of Industry 4.0.

Leith Greenslade

Overall Award Winner 2021
Social Impact Award Winner 2021
Leith Greenslade is a passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and children and founder of JustActions LLC.

Lihua Tong

Alumni Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2017 Lihua Tong is a public interest lawyer and the leading advocate in China for the rights of children, women and migrant workers.

PROFESSOR Lyndon Da Cruz

Life Sciences Award Finalist 2021
Professor Lyndon da Cruz is a retinal surgeon changing the world view for many people suffering blindness across the world.

Lynette Wallworth

The Arts Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE ARTS AWARD WINNER 2016 Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose immersive video installations and film works reflect on the connections between people and the natural world.

Madhavi Shankar

Alumni Award Finalist 2022
Madhavi Shankar is a tech entrepreneur breaking through barriers for women in STEM across India and beyond.

Dr Martin Seneviratne

Emerging Leader Award Winner 2022
Dr Martin Seneviratne is a doctor-turned-data scientist, bridging the divide between technology and healthcare.

Michelle Garnaut AO

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2015

Founder & CEO of the M Restaurant Group

Michelle Grant

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2019

Faculty and Education Director at World Food System Center, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)

Mike Cannon-Brookes

Global Impact Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE GLOBAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2015 Mike Cannon-Brookes is the co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian, a team collaboration software company that helps teams organise, collaborate and communicate around shared work.

Milton Catelin

Energy & Resources Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE MINING AND RESOURCES AWARD WINNER 2014 Milton is a pragmatic yet courageous leader within the coal industry.

Nasima Rahmani

Alumni Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2015 Nasima Rahmani is the Director of the Women’s Empowerment Centre at Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education (GIHE), Kabul, Afghanistan, where she also lectures in Law.

Natalie Jeremijenko AO

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE COMMERICAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2019 One of America’s brightest digital pioneers, Natalie Jeremijenko has been named one of the Top 100 young innovators by the MIT Technology Review, and one of the Top 40 most influential designers by I.D.

Neima Candy

Alumni Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2016 Neima Candy is an accomplished health professional whose work has had a positive impact on the provision of health services, disease treatment and prevention across Liberia.

Nicholas Wyman

Social Impact Award Winner 2020

For the past 25 years, Nicholas Wyman has sought novel ways to connect youth with the jobs of the future. Nicholas believes the ‘learn by doing’ approach has much to offer in a new world order straddling the faultlines of a ‘skills mismatch’.

Nicole Iseppi

Sustainability Award Finalist 2021
Nicole Iseppi is an award-winning sustainable development adviser and the Director of Global Energy Innovation at the Bezos Earth Fund.

Nicole Rycroft

Sustainability Award Winner 2022
Nicole Rycroft has been transforming unsustainable supply chains to save the world’s forests for over two decades.

Noni Purnomo

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2022
Noni Purnomo is one of South-East Asia’s most influential business leaders and is a champion of education for all, with a strong focus on supporting female entrepreneurship.

Nukila Evanty

Alumni Award Finalist 2020

With a background in international law and a heart in the marginalised communities of Indonesia, Nukila Evanty works to place people at the centre of development and communities at the core of the decision-making process.

Olivia Humphrey

Education Award Winner 2020

A visionary who democratised access to educational content, Olivia Humphrey founded a new channel for streaming films to members of academic and public libraries, in turn forging a new model to monetise and distribute independent films.

Pallavi Sharda

The Arts Award Winner 2021
Pallavi Sharda is an award-winning Bollywood and Hollywood actor, dancer and speaker.

PROFESSOR Patricia M. Davidson

Education and Research Award Winner 2021
Professor Patricia M. Davidson is a global leader in cardiac health and a trailblazer when it comes to the care of vulnerable populations, person-centred care delivery and evidence-based teaching.

Patrick Grove

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Finalist 2021
Patrick Grove is known as a guru technology entrepreneur. As Co-Founder and Group CEO of Catcha Group, Mr Grove was responsible for Malaysia’s first tech unicorn.

Paul Chapman

Financial Services Award Finalist 2020

Originally from Melbourne, Paul Chapman co-founded the game-changing ‘Moneytree’ platform, giving people greater control over their finances and disrupting Japan’s digital banking environment in the same beat.

Paul Siu Fai Yip

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2021
Professor Paul Siu Fai Yip is a crusader for youth suicide prevention.

Pete Ceglinski

Sustainability Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE SUSTAINABILITY AWARD WINNER 2018 Surfer and industrial designer Pete Ceglinski has been around the ocean his entire life and in 2014, with the mission to have pollution free oceans for future generations, he started the Seabin Project – a revolution to clean up our oceans’ pollution through a floating rubbish bin designed to catch rubbish, oil, fuel, detergent and micro plastics down to 2mm in size operating 24/7.

Dr Peter Carberry

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2015

Dr Peter Carberry is a distinguished graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment awarded with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with first-class honours in 1982 and later with PhD in Agriculture in 1987 from the University of Sydney.

Peter Hall AM

Financial Services Award Winner 2013

Peter Hall is Executive Director and Executive Chairman of Hunter Hall, the largest, and second oldest, dedicated ethical investment company in Australia.

Peter Le Lievre

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2013

Peter Le Lievre is a global leader in high technology commercialisation, with over 10 years of experience in the development of innovative clean technology products.

Peter Liddicoat

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2017
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AWARD WINNER 2017 As the CEO of Atomnaut Peter is helping Australia’s transition to a knowledge economy by bringing a new microscope to the world that could change the way materials are engineered.

Peter Rothschild

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2016
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AWARD WINNER 2016 Dr Peter Rothschild is the Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer of Heuresis Corporation.

Professor Phiala Shanahan

Education and Research Award Finalist 2022
Professor Phiala Shanahan is a world-leading theoretical physicist and an inspiration to aspiring young scientists all over the world.

Dr Pichamon Yeophantong

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2020

Dr Pichamon Yeophantong is Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Development and the Director of the Responsible Business Lab at the University of New South Wales (Canberra)—Australian Defence Force Academy.

Premesh Chandran

Alumni Award Winner 2020

As an important proponent of free speech in Malaysia and a disruptor of the media landscape, Premesh Chandran creates space for voices against corruption and government abuses.

Prof Adeeba Kamarulzaman

Alumni Award Winner 2012

Adeeba Kamarulzaman graduated in Medicine from Monash University and received her training in Infectious Diseases at the Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, Victoria, Australia.

Prof Genevieve Bell AO

Overall Award Winner 2016
Technology Innovation Award Winner 2016

Genevieve is the Director of the 3A Institute (3Ai), Florence Violet McKenzie Chair, and a Distinguished Professor at the Australian National University (ANU) as well as a Vice President and Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation.

Prue Clarke

Social Impact Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2014 “New Narrative has been Prue’s brainchild and has really taken off. 

Rachel Barnard

Social Impact Award Finalist 2022
Rachel G. Barnard is a social practice artist who uses art to divert young people out of the criminal justice system.

Rachel Davis

Social Impact Award Finalist 2022
Rachel Davis is a passionate advocate for human rights who has played a critical role in shaping the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Rebecca Mann

Financial Services Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE FINANCIAL SERVICES AWARD WINNER 2016 Rebecca Mann is a Senior Program Officer in the Financial Services for the Poor team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Renae Beaumont

Education Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE EDUCATION AWARD WINNER 2018 Based in New York, Dr Renae Beaumont was just 21 when she began developing a computer game to help children with autism spectrum conditions crack the code of emotions and friendships – the Secret Agent Society.

Richard Fuller

Social Impact Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2019 Richard Fuller OAM, is an Australian-born, U.S.-based engineer, entrepreneur and environmentalist best known for his work on global pollution issues.

Richard Pestell AO

Biotechnology Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE BIOTECHNOLOGY AWARD WINNER 2014 “Richard has demonstrated excellence as a physician and oncologist through his achievements and recognition in US medicine, including his current senior position at Thomas Jefferson Medical School.

Rodney Brooks

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2015
ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AWARD WINNER 2015 Rodney Brooks is an Entrepreneur, Founder, Chairman & CTO of rethink robotics (formerly Heartland Robotics), also a Founder, former Board Member (’90/’11) & former CTO (’90/’08) of iRobot Corp (Nasdaq: IRBT).

Dr Rosemary Morrow

Science & Healthcare Award Finalist 2022
Dr Rosemary Morrow is a global expert on one of the most critical metrics of climate change: sea level.

Rosemary Morrow

Food & Agriculture Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE AWARD WINNER 2017 I became aware half way through my PDC with Robyn Francis that permaculture was what had been lacking in my work in ‘developing’ countries such as India and Lesotho where I had worked in agriculture.

Dr Rossa Chiu

Asia Impact Award Winner 2020

Dr Rossa Chiu is a professor in the department of chemical pathology and Associate Dean for Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Determined to tackle the cancer epidemic, she and her colleagues have been developing blood tests with the goal to identify cancers early, thereby reducing cancer-related deaths.

Russell Howard

Overall Award Winner 2013
Biotechnology Award Winner 2013

Dedicated his career to life sciences and biotechnology to generate valuable products in medicine, diagnostics, agriculture and chemicals manufacture locally to feed a virtuous cycle of expanded Life Sciences innovation and commercialisation.

Sam Levy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2021
Sam Levy is the Managing Partner of Trumper Park, a New York based theatrical production and consulting firm.

Samah Hadid

Social Impact Award Finalist 2020

A fearless campaigner, advocate and writer, Samah Hadid connects her own proud Arab and Muslim heritage to the global fight for greater equality.  Samah is as articulate as she is outspoken.

Dr Sameer Dixit

Alumni Award Winner 2021
Dr Sameer Mani Dixit is an intrepid biomedical researcher, proving to the world that preeminent research institutes are not only vital but viable in emerging nations.

Dr Samuel Wills

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2020

Sam’s research has led to significant real-world impact. One example is the $1 trillion Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund increasing their equity mix, lowering their spending rule, and divesting stocks most exposed to the oil price, following recommendations from his work with Ton van den Bremer and Rick van der Ploeg.

Dr Sandro Demaio

Life Sciences Award Finalist 2020

A public health advocate and sustainable food architect, Dr Alessandro (Sandro) Demaio founded his career using nutrition as a platform for social change.

Sarah G

Sarah Grunstein

The Arts Award Finalist 2022
Sarah Grunstein is an Australian pianist of international acclaim, praised by The New York Times for her “penetrating musical intelligence”.

Sarah Lux-Lee

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Finalist 2021
Sarah Lux-Lee is a thought leader and strategist building more inclusive workplaces.

Saul Griffith

Advanced Manufacturing Award Winner 2012

Founder and Principal Scientist at Other Lab, where he focuses his work on engineering solutions for energy production and efficiency.

Scott Farquhar

Global Impact Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE GLOBAL IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2015 Scott Farquhar is the co-founder and co‐CEO of Atlassian, a leading enterprise software company that powers more than 25,000 companies to build better software.

Dr Seiji Armstrong

Technology & Entrepreneurship Award Winner 2022
Dr Seiji Armstrong is a quantum physicist and machine learning specialist on a mission to make the internet safer.

Sekai Holland

Alumni Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE ALUMNI AWARD WINNER 2014 “Senator Holland has dedicated her life to campaigning for human rights, democracy and the empowerment of women both in Australia and around the globe.

Dr Shafali Gupta

Australian Global Talent Award Finalist 2022
Dr Shafali Gupta is a molecular biologist on a mission to eradicate plastic pollution.

Shuyin Tang

Financial Services Award Finalist 2020

An impact investment warrior, Shuyin Tang is a pioneer bringing fit-for-purpose financing to impactful businesses in Southeast Asia.

Si Chen

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2021
Si Chen is a robotics technology and AI instigator. As Head of Strategy at Tencent AI Lab & Robotics X, she is responsible for the advancement of fundamental research in the areas of Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, as well as the application of AI across Gaming, Content, Agriculture, Energy, and other key industry sectors.

Simon Loong

FinTech Award Finalist 2021
Simon Loong is one of the most successful fintech entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Asia.

Simone Young AM

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2021
Australian-born Simone Young is internationally recognised as one of the leading conductors of her generation, and is regularly invited by the world’s leading orchestras and major opera houses across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Dr Siobhan Martin

Inspiring Corporate Leader Award Winner 2022
Dr Siobhan Martin is a global champion of diversity and inclusion, whose leadership is transforming the experiences of workers and communities around the globe.

Siobhan Reddy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE COMMERCIAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2015 Siobhan Reddy is Studio Director at Media Molecule, the band of creative minds behind the hugely successful and innovative LittleBigPlanet game franchise.

Dr Sonu Bhaskar

Australian Global Talent Award Winner 2022
Dr Sonu Bhaskar is a medical entrepreneur and global health leader responsible for establishing the world’s first Blood Clot Biobank in Sydney.

Sophie Blackall

Australian Global Icon Award Winner 2020
Social Impact Award Finalist 2020

An Australian icon in the world of Children’s Books, Sophie Blackall creates places to escape to during stormy times, and return from wiser, calmer and changed. Needless to say, her work is relevant to children and adults alike in modern times.

Sotheary Ly

Social Impact Award Winner 2013

Sotheary Ly is the Executive Director of Healthcare Center for Children, an organisation dedicated to woman’s and child’s rights, through prevention and protection.

Dr Stephen Hicks

Science & Healthcare Award Finalist 2022
Dr Stephen Hicks is a scientist-turned-tech entrepreneur whose pioneering work is changing the lives of people living with visual impairment.

Suhanya Raffel

Commercial Creatives Award Finalist 2021
Suhanya Raffel is a cutting-edge Australian Museum Director. She works internationally to secure the history and recognition of artists across song, dance, art, literature, film, photography, design, architecture and ‘everything that is just good in the world’.

Dr Susan David

Education Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE EDUCATION AWARD WINNER 2017 Susan David, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading management thinkers and an award winning Harvard Medical School psychologist.

Dr Susan Graham

Emerging Leader Award Winner 2020

Dr Susan Graham leads a team of passionate engineers, plant scientists and drone operators to tackle global scale deforestation. As the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Dendra Systems, Susan uses a combination of data analytics, AI and drones to restore natural ecosystems, enabling large scale management and restoration.

Tan Le

Science & Technology Award Winner 2012

Tan Le Co-founded Emotiv, in 2003 and serves as its President. Ms. Le is a technology entrepreneur.

Tanya De Hoog

Inspiring Corporate Leader Award Finalist 2022
Tanya de Hoog is a world-leading structural engineer placing impact at the centre of structural engineering.

Tara June Winch

The Arts Award Winner 2022
Wiradjuri author, Tara June Winch, is one of the greats of contemporary Australian literature.

Professor Terence Tao

Overall Award Winner 2022
Education and Research Award Winner 2022
Professor Terence Tao is a humble achiever who happens to be one of the greatest mathematicians in the world.

Thanh Van Dang

Alumni Award Finalist 2021
Thanh Van Dang grew up in a small rural village in the north of Vietnam.

Thomas Ko

Asia Impact Award Finalist 2020

Thomas Ko is an internationally recognised expert in oral biological drug delivery and sports medicine. During his 45-year pharmaceutical career, he has embraced the attitude he says was instilled in him while studying in Australia: to be inventive and believe nothing is impossible.

Thomas Oxley

Overall Award Winner 2018
Life Sciences Award Winner 2018
ADVANCE GLOBAL AUSTRALIAN AWARD WINNER 2018ADVANCE LIFE SCIENCES AWARD WINNER 2018 When it comes to Dr Thomas Oxley’s work, imagine a digital spinal cord that streams your thoughts.

Tim Kentley Klay

Overall Award Winner 2020
Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2020

Tim Kentley Klay is a creative and technical entrepreneur. He describes himself as a painter, designer, animator, film-maker, trouble-maker and thinker.

Dr Tristan Clemons

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2021
​​Dr Tristan Clemons is a prominent emerging leader in polymer science and a role model to young sports and science enthusiasts everywhere.

Dr Vandana Joshi

Alumni Award Finalist 2020

Working to shift the health paradigm in war-torn countries and disaster response situations, Dr Vandana Joshi is showing the world that good governance and community engagement are by far the most effective strategies to promote health.

Dr Victor Squires AM

Education and Research Award Finalist 2021
Dr Victor Squires AM is a desert ecology explorer, educator and researcher.

Vikram Mehta

ICT Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE ICT AWARD WINNER 2014 “Vikram is a unique candidate for this prestigious award as he is one of those rare individuals who has achieved success on a global stage, as a corporate executive and as an entrepreneur in the ICT industry.

Yijia Li

Asia Impact Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ASIA IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2019ADVANCE ASIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE Yijia Li graduated from Tsinghua University in 2009 as a distinguished student majoring in Biology and received a double degree in Economics at Peking University.

Yong In Cho

Emerging Leader Award Finalist 2020

Yong In Cho is a fintech expert, specialising in the payments industry, with deep knowledge of the financial technology market across Asia.