#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep2: Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel

In this episode, you will meet Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel, recipient of the Global Talent Award in the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Cle-Anne is a leading figure in sustainable development. With over 15 years of global experience, she currently acts as the Head of Decarbonisation Transformation at KPMG Australia. Using her expertise on climate change, sustainability and energy transition, Cle-Anne drives sustainable initiatives on a global scale. 

In this interview, Cle-Anne shares her incredibly global career journey in sustainability, from the time when it was a niche sector, through to now as a mainstream integrated key part of business and government. Cle-Anne openly discusses the complex nature of her work, the value of trust, and how important it is to work collaboratively to find solutions to one of the biggest challenges we face today.

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