THE LUME Los Angeles

Magic Box LA
Organiser: Grande Experiences
THE LUME Los Angeles is an epic adventure into art. A joint venture between Grande Experiences of Australia (creators of Da Vinci Alive and Van Gogh Alive - the most visited multi-sensory experience in the world) and local legends Magic Box LA, this permanent digital gallery located inside Magic Box in downtown LA transforms the … Continued. More >

Australian British Health Catalyst (ABHC) 2022

Various locations |
Organiser: Australian British Chamber of Commerce
Following a two-year COVID-19 hiatus, the Australian British Chamber of Commerce is delighted to return the Australian British Health Catalyst to the United Kingdom. The Catalyst will deliver connectivity between Australia and the UK in leading healthcare practice, experiential learning and, importantly, building networks that will help us create a prosperous and sustainable future. The … Continued. More >

A Business Luncheon with Warren Randall, Changing the face of the alcohol industry from China to non-alcoholic beverages

Location: Australia, InterContinental Adelaide
Organiser: Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce
A Business Luncheon with Warren Randall, Proprieter & Managing Director of Seppeltsfield Wines on Changing the Face of the Alcohol Industry From China to Non-Alcoholic Beverages Warren Randall has over forty-three years experience working in the Australian wine industry - sixteen years as an employee and twenty-seven years in his own business. Having successfully completed … Continued. More >

Is the Metaverse part of your reality?

EY |
With organisations and individuals jumping on the Metaverse bandwagon, it’s hard to know whether the Metaverse is all hype or hyperbole. EY Foundry, in conjunction with City of Sydney’s Visiting Entrepreneur Program, is excited to present an all-encompassing Metaverse discussion where we’ll explore: Metaverse 101: what is it, how it works, how it relates to Web 3.0, … Continued. More >

The future is now: where is synthetic biology taking us?

Hall Chadwick |
Organiser: VEP Sydney
The United States is 10 years ahead of Australia in synbio innovation – what learnings can we gain as our industry launches? Synthetic biology is already transforming how we grow food, what we eat, and how we create medicines. With the Australian industry in its infancy, what can we learn from abroad about this brave new world … Continued. More >

Travel guide to decarbonisation: How do we get there?

Online |
Organiser: VEP Sydney
Join EnergyLab for a conversation with Visiting Entrepreneur Grace Sai covering her entrepreneurial journey and transition to the decarbonisation space. Other international entrepreneurs will join for a panel discussion providing advice on how we can join them on this journey, with a particular focus on women entrepreneurs. In keeping with the theme of the City … Continued. More >

#COFFEEHOUR: Navigating the Return Home to Australia

Online |
Have you recently returned to Australia? Or are you planning to return home to Australia soon? Join us at our #CoffeeHour to be informed, inspired and connected with those who have made or are making the transition back home. The decision to return home is significant and there are many varying reasons why global Australians choose … Continued. More >

Quantum in space: Will it conquer the final frontier?

The Quantum Terminal |
Organiser: VEP Sydney
Join the innovators applying quantum tech to the big space challenges – from delivering secure space-to-earth communications to navigation. Next generation quantum technologies delivering more powerful computing, communications, and sensing capabilities are set to play a major role in space exploration. This panel discussion hosted by Sydney Quantum Academy will bring together the innovators applying quantum to … Continued. More >

Who rules in the Metaverse?

UTS Startups |
Organiser: VEP Sydney
How can we create a Metaverse for good? It is still early days for the Metaverse. Big tech and corporates are jockeying for ownership, while entrepreneurial creators and brands leap into the fray to test the limits of what might be possible in these immersive, augmented spaces. But while this brave new world is still … Continued. More >

Pip & Pop – When flowers dream

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
Organiser: Kew
Inspired by mythologies and folklore, Pip & Pop’s work explores themes of consumption, wish- fulfillment, and seemingly endless abundance, using eye-popping candy colours and a playful sense of perspective to immerse audiences in her uniquely wonderful world. This is the debut London exhibition for Australian artists Tanya Schultz, who works as Pip & Pop to … Continued. More >