Diaspora Organisations: Options for programming and focus

The recent Ulpiana Forum, convened through the vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of Kosovo, and the Global Diaspora Forum organised by the Global Diaspora Confederation have provided insight into the spectrum of policies and programs pursued by diaspora organisations around the world. Most actions, whether by government-led or community-led diaspora organisations, focus on one or more of four goals for the home country: 1) Economic development; 2) Global engagement; 3) Cultural connections; and 4) Wellbeing of the diaspora.

If we are missing actions to strengthen the ties between expatriate communities and their countries of origin, please let us know ([email protected]).

Economic DevelopmentAttract inward investment / return migrationPromotion of business opportunities in the home country; inbound missions
Address socio-economic challenges at homeFundraising and philanthropic efforts
Global EngagementEncourage global work experienceNextGen and Future Leaders programs; mentoring; Talent Return programs
Maintain connections with “gold collar” workersAwards and recognition; Summits; Facilitate input on national policy
Facilitate global business opportunitiesIntroducing new exporters to peers in overseas markets
Cultural ConnectionsMaintain cultural ties and identityCultural promotion; Language courses; Scholarships; Camps
Encourage tourism / return visitsHotel discounts and perks
WellbeingSafeguard the interests of citizens abroadCitizenship visas for next generation; voting rights; access to healthcare; access to pensions
Provide administrative supportInternational tax advice, health insurance; discounted advisory services
Advocate for the rights of migrant workers Ensure labour standards, remuneration and remittance processes are fair