Advance community members respond to polls via social media and our monthly #BornGlobal newsletter.

July – International Sports

#InternationalSport | Which sporting event was most popular last month? Surprise Surprise…

36% ⚽️ Women’s World Cup (Go Matildas!)
23% 🎾 Wimbledon
21% 🏏 Ashes
17% 📚 I don’t watch sports!
3% 🏆 Other (F1 Grand Prix and Netball World Cup) 🏎

Thank you to everyone who participated. Has all this excitement got you keen to find a local sport team or club with an Aussie flavour? Check out our list of community sports clubs around the globe! 👉 Community Sports

June – Australian identity overseas

We asked you how your Australian identity impacts your work overseas, and your responses revealed so much! Here’s what you shared:

45% of you mentioned that your Aussie identity helps you connect with people. 🌏
34% of you pointed out that being a Global Aussie sets you apart in the workplace. 💼
11% of you expressed gratitude for having a network within the local Australian community 🤝
6% of you mentioned that blending in with the locals is more important to you. 🫂
4% of you shared valuable perspectives, related to having multiple nationalities; and the challenge of identity “if not a typical white Australian”. 🇦🇺

Thank you to everyone who participated. Together, we celebrate what it means to be Australian, no matter where in the world we may be! #AlwaysAustralian

May – Advice for working overseas

We asked our members to share advice about working overseas. Direct from the Advance community – here are a few things to keep in mind…

1. Getting Started: Don’t be afraid, be adventurous but plan well. Understand the market you want to enter and then tailor your CVs / opening pitch to suit it. Simply saying “I want to work in London” won’t cut it anymore.

2. Location, Location, Location: Your choice of where to work should be first and foremost based on the type and quality of the work itself. Location matters, but it should not be your primary decision-making criterion: that’s what holidays are for.

3. Cultural Awareness: GO! Take the risk as you will be rewarded in ways you do not expect. But before you go, take some cross-cultural training so you have a mental framework to compare and contrast differences in cultural tendencies when you engage cross-culturally.

4. Settling in: Volunteer with the local Australian chamber or community group to showcase your skills and make connections.

Want more? Read the full “Advice from our members”

If you’re thinking of going overseas, make sure to check out our NextGen programjobs boardevents listing, and community contacts to help you find your feet wherever you’re headed.

April – Finding Aussies Overseas

When asked where you are mostly likely to connect with other Aussies when overseas, 54% of you said you are most likely to meet other Aussies at the local AustCham, Embassy or Australian expat organisation. Other’s responded:

Through work/business relations 👩‍💼👨‍💼- 28%
Playing/watching sports ⚽ – 13%
Other – 5%

If you’re not sure where or what that is in your area of the world, check out this useful page.

March – Aussie Mentors

The results of the poll – ‘When working overseas, do you retain contact with your Australia-based mentors?’ from our March Born Global newsletter revealed:

– 20% of respondents do regularly
– 50% of respondents do occasionally 
– 30% of respondents do not at all

It’s so important to stay in-contact with your Australian mentors when overseas, even if you don’t plan on coming home any time soon! 

Our Talent Return Program emphasised the importance of keeping in contact with your mentors in Australia – so, could we nudge you to reach out to one of your mentors today? 📚

February – Accessing Aussie news

Our poll revealed that 85% of you access Aussie news daily or weekly 🇦🇺🌏

Once a month – 6%
Rarely – 9%
Weekly – 20%
Daily 65%

This shows the deep connection global Aussies want to maintain with Australia – something we can facilitate! If you are wondering if you might have missed any big news items, check out our Aussie news rundown, updated periodically here. 📰

January – Aussie lifestyle

In our January #BornGlobal newsletter we asked you what aspects of the Aussie lifestyle you love / miss the most – here are the results!

☀️ Over half (53%) of you are drawn to Australia’s physical environment and weather:
Access to nature – 18%
Access to beaches – 18%
Weather / climate – 17%

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 The other half (47%) value societal factors the most:
Work-life balance – 16%
Down-to-earth culture – 12%
Good public services (e.g. healthcare, education, transportation) – 12%
Personal safety – 5%
Other cultural factors – 2%

The results show the many different factors making up the “Australian lifestyle” that matter to Global Aussies!