#GlobalAustralianPodcast S3 Ep23: Luke Petherbridge

In this episode, you will meet Luke Petherbridge, a GameChanger in the Inspiring Corporate Leader category of the Global Australian Awards in 2023. Luke leads the largest operator of logistics real estate in the US and is catalysing innovation across logistics and supply chains. As CEO of Link Logistics, Luke oversees the largest US-focused warehouse and business park portfolio with a staggering 5% of America’s GDP flowing through their buildings. 

In this interview Luke shares how he fell into this career, rather than having planned it from the start and describes the very real challenges in his role in adapting to an ever-changing environment, particularly since the pandemic. Luke discusses how important diversity and inclusion is for thought leadership in an organisation and shares his passion for giving back, having established CoreGiving which is addressing childhood hunger in the US. 

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