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  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Professors Jill Banfield and Karen Day
    LISTEN > Micro biologies to macro environmental trends with Professors Jill Banfield and Karen Day Two preeminent female professors discuss careers in science and leadership in STEMM reflecting on what the world needs today. Thanks to COVID there has never been a better time to be talking about the relevance of research, diversity in science, … Continued
  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Yong In Cho
    LISTEN > Meet a young Fintech mastermind taking Asian cashless economies by storm Yong In Cho is a fintech expert, specialising in the payments industry, with deep knowledge of the financial technology market across Asia. Currently the Head of eCommerce for the world’s largest payment service company, Fiserv, Yong In most recently initiated and managed … Continued
  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Professor Jenni Evans
    LISTEN > Understanding big weather patterns and long-term climatic effects with meteorologist Professor Jenni Evans Where can a career in big data take you and how do you hold on to the stories that big data can hide? Professor Jenni Evans has leveraged her learnings to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, merging fields … Continued
  • Postcard from New York: Down but not out
    It’s all we talk about these days — how has COVID affected life, work, play, friendships, community, and business, and when will everything be back to normal? While sometimes it feels overwhelming living in a metropolis that’s regularly been featured as the epicentre of a global pandemic, the exciting and hopeful thing we notice every day is that the heart and soul of New York City lives on quietly in the background; while we get on with a new type of normal.
  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Professor Bryan Gaensler
    A hunter of dying stars and an advocate of diverse thinking, Professor Bryan Gaensler grapples with the enormity of unanswered questions.
  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Dr Susan Graham
    In our latest #bornglobal Coffee Pods we ask ‘What does regreening the planet with tech look like?’ According to our guest Dr Susan Graham, we can restore 500 billion trees by 2060. Listen in to this extraordinary conversation with young Australian entrepreneur and Advance Award winner, hosted by Holly Ransom.
  • #BornGlobal Coffee Pods: Dr Abigail Allwood
    Advance is launching the #bornglobal Coffee Pods podcast series hosted by Holly Ransom. In this first episode we are joined by NASA’s Dr Abigail Allwood as she lands the Perseverance Rover on Mars in real-time. Listen to this personal interview with an Australian trailblazer.
  • Julia Gillard on female leadership, women in politics, and working overseas Ambassador Emeritus in the United States of America Josephine Linden, recently spoke with the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and Past Advance Patron the Hon. Julia Gillard AC, on Australians abroad and words of wisdom to the next generation of women leaders.
  • Postcard from Singapore : Overturning the “old normal” as an expat
    It is a strange and challenging time for so many right now, but in the cultural melting pot of Singapore, I see changes sparked by the pandemic that will redefine the way we work and business focus for years to come. Environmental and social responsibility, employee wellbeing and flexible working are the big winners as prolonged travel restrictions overturn the “old normal” for expats and locals alike.
  • Global Readers : Author John Williamson-Noble reads Fergus Ferry stories to our young readers
    We initially created #GlobalReaders for families in lockdown. It was so popular we are expanding the range of stories for young global Australian readers. These stories are read by John Williamson-Noble. John Williamson-Noble is the creator of the Fergus Ferry series which he wrote in the early 2000s for his five-year-old son Tom. The stories are inspired by John’s … Continued
  • Global Readers : Stories for our young readers with Caldecott Medal and Advance Global Icon Award Winner, Sophie Blackall
    We initially created #GlobalReaders for families in lockdown. It was so popular we are expanding the range of stories for young global Australian readers. These stories are read by Sophie Blackall. Sophie Blackall is the Advance Global Icon Award winner in 2020. She is a Brooklyn-based multi-award winning Australian artist who has illustrated over forty books for children … Continued
  • Interview : A global leader in digital transformation using data to fuel better decisions
    WATCH > A conversation with the Hon. Minister Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Services in the NSW Government READ > The transcript of the conversation is now available. CEO Maria MacNamara spoke with the Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Services, on the remarkable transformation he is driving within the NSW Government. The … Continued
  • Interview : Celebrating the launch of Advance in Japan
    WATCH > We celebrated the launch of Advance in Japan with inaugural Advance Ambassador Melanie Brock. Chairman Yasmin Allen joined the Hon. Richard Court AC, Australia’s Ambassador to Japan and Melanie Brock, the inaugural Advance Ambassador in Japan to launch the Advance chapter in Japan. Melanie Brock is one of Japan’s most respected APAC … Continued
  • Georgia Neaverson : Pirouetting from ballet to a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws at UTS
    WATCH > Ballerina Georgia Neaverson in conversation with Maria MacNamara Ballerina Georgia Neaverson who started dancing at age three is now 21 years old, and talks about her life as a ballerina in Australia, studying in Europe and landing her first professional role with the Polish National Ballet. She is now back in Sydney and … Continued
  • Leanne Kemp : Advance Award Winner turns the tables
    WATCH > Leanne Kemp interview the CEO Maria MacNamara. Our CEO is normally the one asking the questions. The tables are turned and she is now in conversation with Leanne Kemp, an Advance Award Winner, Chief Entrepreneur of Queensland and the founder and CEO of Everledger. The two leaders cover everything from the purpose … Continued
  • Global Readers : Stories for our young readers with Mrs Rowena Lee
    LISTEN > Rowena Lee reads specially selected stories for families at home during the pandemic. We created #GlobalReaders for families in lockdown and we are continuing to share stories for young global Australians who enjoyed the first series. The stories are read by Rowena Lee. About Mrs Lee It was a love of literature and reading that … Continued
  • Mark Adams : Made in Australia
    Mark Adams is an Australian in the Bay Area. He is the managing director of UnReal HiTech, and hosts the podcast ‘Recruiting Reimagined’ presented by Curious Thing AI. In this conversation with CEO Maria MacNamara, he talks about his entrepreneurial journey to Silicon Valley, how technology is helping the global jobs market in rebounding the economy, and his interest in promoting Australia’s technology potential.
  • Adam Malouf : Connecting East and West in Dubai
    Adam Malouf is the Chief Asset Sourcing Officer at the Knowledge Fund in the Government of Dubai. He is also Chair of the Middle East Advisory Committee at the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Board Member for Trade and Investment at the Australian Business Council Dubai. Adam has been living in the UAE for 16 years now, and sees the country as a very open environment that welcomes business.
  • Mark Rigotti : Leading change in global markets
    Mark Rigotti the immediate past Global CEO of Herbert Smith Freehills spoke with CEO Maria MacNamara. Mark served from 2014 to 2020 and was also the chair of the first global executive, the chair of the global diversity and inclusion group and a member of the Herbert Smith Freehills Global Partnership Council. He was based in London from 2013 till 2020.
  • Leanne Kemp : A conversation with the CEO and Founder of Everledger and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur
    WATCH : In conversation with Leanne Kemp CEO Maria MacNamara sits down for a conversation with entrepreneur Leanne Kemp. Leanne Kemp made diamonds the focus of her blockchain business because, by their very nature, they are unique. Kemp says “it’s a path for physical and cloneable features that they hold and we were able … Continued