Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae is a science fiction artist and ‘body architect’ whose multi-disciplinary work explores the implications of future technologies and scientific developments on human evolution. Blurring the boundaries of film, art, architecture, design, and technology, Lucy’s work challenges conventions, creating a new narrative about the transformative impact of technology on the human body; on intimacy, reproduction, spirituality, biology, and health. Lucy’s work has been commissioned by and exhibited in many of the world’s leading galleries, museums and festivals, from the Venice Biennale to the Science Museum London. With a track record of bringing innovation to life, she has collaborated on experimental projects with the likes of MIT, NASA, Adidas and Nike. As a visiting professor at SCI_Arc, World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and TED Fellow, Lucy’s expertise extends beyond traditional artistic boundaries, exploring scientific breakthroughs related to health and the human body, and provoking hypothetical worlds that spark deep contemplation about our ideologies and ethics. Based in Los Angeles, she also serves as a futurist consultant for Hollywood productions alongside Oscar-winning directors and producers. Born in London, Lucy moved to Australia as a child and grew up in Melbourne, describing herself as an ‘outsider’ from a young age. She trained in French classical ballet, and then completed her degree in interior design at RMIT. After graduation, she returned to London and went on to work at Phillips Design in the Netherlands, where she led their Far Future Design research lab, developing wearable technologies responsive to a wearer’s emotions. In her 2012 TED Talk – viewed by almost 1.7 million people – she shows her work, from clothes that recreate the body’s insides, to a pill that, when swallowed, lets you sweat perfume. At her art-research studio in Los Angeles, Lucy continues to challenge the status quo, as a creator, a maker, a teacher and a thought leader, generating a lasting impact on the world of creative innovation.

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