Dr Stefania Peracchi

 Dr. Stefania Peracchi is a nuclear physicist and engineer, working at the cutting edge of international space research. As an Accelerator Beamline Scientist at the Centre for Accelerator Science of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Stefania is using precision ion irradiations through powerful particle accelerators to investigate the effects of space radiation on microelectronics, shielding materials, and the human body. With the support of the Australian Space Agency, she is advancing the accelerators technologies to explore new solutions to reduce radiation effects for future space missions

Stefania grew up in Italy and completed undergraduate and post-graduate studies at Milan’s scientific-technological university, Politecnico di Milano. She then started her career in France, working as a Nuclear Engineer and researcher at the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety. In 2017, Stefania made the move to Australia, to complete her PhD at the University in Wollongong, investigating the development and implementation of innovative radiation detectors for radiation protection purposes in space and avionics. Today, she works at the leading edge of space radiation research, placing Australia on the frontline of space innovation. Drawing from her investigation into the health effects on astronauts, Stefania is currently translating her knowledge of accelerator operation to deliver unique instruments and technologies to researchers and the industry in the field of particle therapy, aiming to combat cancer.

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