Elliot Kotek


Elliot Kotek is a global creative arts leader, whose hunger for innovation and impact drives his groundbreaking approach to storytelling and content creation. Based in Los Angeles, Elliot is Founder and CEO of award-winning production company The Nation of Artists, a multi-media studio that works with brands and organisations all over the world – from the United Nations to Lego – to produce high-impact content ranging from documentaries to animations and virtual reality. Elliot also founded Beyond Cinema Magazine and co-founded Not Impossible; an innovation studio that produces content, technology, programming, activations, and partnerships to demonstrate the capacity of mankind to make the impossible, not impossible. 

Elliot is driven by the belief that combining ideas and empathy creates impact. Over the past 15 years, his work has generated more than 7 billion media impressions and been honoured with more than 50 international awards, including an Emmy and 5 Cannes Lions awards. His innovative approach to content and production has resulted in many world-firsts, including the world’s first user-generated feature film, and a social robot duck for kids going through chemotherapy. In addition to industry awards, Elliot has received accolades from the US Congress, US House of Representatives, California Senate and other legislative bodies, and has interviewed some of the world’s most recognisable people, ranging from Elmo to Elon Musk. 

Elliot started out his career in corporate law, after completing a combined Science and Law degree at Monash University in Melbourne. But just a few years into his legal career, he decided to move to LA to study screenwriting and dramatic writing, launching his now 20 year career in film, media and storytelling. Today, he is an influential leader in his field, whose passion and creativity is driving social change through stories being shared with audiences all over the world.

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