Peter Hazlehurst


Peter Hazlehurst is a global fintech entrepreneur and investor who has spent 30 years leading and building tech companies in the heart of Silicon Valley. His career has spanned from startups to big tech, harnessing his passion for building new technology, growing great teams and finding new ways of doing business. Peter has worked in senior leadership roles for companies such as Google, Nokia, Uber Money, Postmates and Yodlee, and has both founded and advised numerous startups ranging from fintech to philanthropy and wine exploration. In 2020, he co-founded his latest venture, Synctera, a new technology company that empowers community banks to embrace fintech innovation. With Synctera’s “Banking as a Service” platform, companies of all sizes across industries can build, launch, and scale embedded banking and FinTech products. Under Peter’s leadership as CEO, the company has already reached more than 3 million end customers, and is expanding from the USA to Canada.

Peter grew up in Canberra and started his career working as a computer programmer for Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services, before moving to the USA in 1993 having only completed 1st year at ANU in Law. Known for sharing ideas and collaborating, Peter’s Silicon Valley journey emphasises resilience, passion, and prioritising well-being before success. His innovative spirit continues to shape the tech and financial industries, leaving a powerful legacy as a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary product leader. Peter has an MBA from the University of Maryland.

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