Dr Sri Safitri

Dr Sri Safitri is a digital transformation trailblazer, whose passion for customer experience and education has driven technology advancements impacting the lives of millions of people across Indonesia. For more than 20 years, Sri has been working at the forefront of Indonesia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, helping to develop the digital ecosystem and platforms across the country. Today, she is Head of Education Ecosystem at state-owned telecommunication company Telkom Indonesia, overseeing a dynamic educational platform for millions of learners. She has also served as Deputy Executive Vice President Customer Experience & Digitalisation in the Chief Digital Business Office, focused on improving customer experience. Sri has been recognised for driving a focus of Customer Experience (CX) across Indonesia’s technology sector, and has recently completed a PhD focused on the interplay between customer experience management, digital operational excellence, and digital value co-creation in the ICT industry.

Sri has always been passionate about science and technology, and pursued a career in STEM despite strong bias against women in the field. Women made up only 1 in 10 students when she enrolled at Indonesia’s Telkom University in 1991, majoring in electrical engineering. The situation persisted when she travelled to the UK and Australia in the mid-1990s to pursue further studies, including a Master of Telecommunication Engineering at Melbourne’s RMIT. Her time at RMIT ignited her passion for inclusivity in education and inspired her to use technology for a broader impact. Almost 30 years later, Sri is a powerful role model for women in STEM as one of the most senior technology leaders in Indonesia. She also supports and advises a number of organisations across the region, focused on supporting women and girls to develop technology and entrepreneurial skills, continuing her passion for inclusive tech education.