Iris Lun

Iris Lun is an actuary-turned entrepreneur who has channelled her passion for data and technology into providing greater transparency and fairness across the insurance industry.

With 20 years of international experience in the insurance industry across Australia, Asia and Europe, she honed her skills as a consultant for life insurers, before eventually co-founding insurtech venture 10Life – a game-changing insurance product rating system that promotes transparency and helps people find the right coverage at the best price. Having made the challenging switch from corporate actuary to fintech entrepreneur, Iris finds fulfilment in the positive impact she has on people’s lives, and the continuous joy of discovery in technology.

Iris started her career in Australia, studying Actuarial Studies and Japanese in a combined Commerce/Arts degree at the University of Melbourne and undertaking local internships. Her love of international cultural and business exchanges was sparked when she took part in a university exchange scholarship to Japan, and soon after graduating she took her first full time role with Tillinghast in Hong Kong. Passionate about people and communication, Iris values the impact actuaries can have on financial well-being and seeks to inspire future generations with her achievements. She is also an aspiring stand-up comedian and avid skier, who fearlessly embraces new challenges in both her professional and personal life and showcases the power of passion, drive and adaptability to make a positive impact on the world. 

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