Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel

Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel is a sustainable development specialist, consultant, author, educator and public speaker, with a decade and a half of global experience as a pioneer and leader in her field.

An internationally experienced sustainability and management consultant, Cle-Anne has deep-domain expertise in climate change and sustainability with a wide breadth of experience across the ecological, social and economic aspects related to the science, policy, technology and risk management tools needed for low-carbon corporate transitions.

With a career that started in the oil and gas industry, Cle-Anne has advised on energy transition and recommended operational and value chain interventions for generators, governments and consumer goods and aerospace companies. She has provided advice on sustainability and decarbonisation projects in four OECD countries, including low- and zero-emission transition programs for the European Commission, AusAID and the World Bank, two national governments and multinational corporations. She has also provided advice on regional level policy and planning in Japan, the European Union, and New Zealand.

Cle-Anne was the project manager and co-designer of the European Commission funded zero emission certification pilot program. She is also the former Head of Decarbonisation Transformation for KPMG Australia, where she led integration and delivery of the company’s decarbonisation offerings into the market.

A national award-winning educator, Cle-Anne founded Australia’s first Carbon Literacy program, certifying corporate clients on their journey to Net Zero, and she created the world’s first Carbon Literacy training for the extractive industries. She has authored two books, been published across industry and academic journals, been featured in the Australian Financial Review’s BOSS Magazine for her leadership on Carbon Literacy and decarbonisation, and is a regular on the international speakers circuit. She was formerly the UN PRME Director of Sustainability at the University of Queensland, where she was also a Senior Lecturer in sustainable development and won multiple teaching awards for her outstanding contribution to student learning. 

Cle-Anne grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, and throughout her studies and career, has lived in Canada, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and now Australia – working with industry leaders, governments, and communities around the globe to drive action for a more sustainable future. She is a globally-minded leader, who brings unique perspectives to her work and her interactions, drawing on her remarkable experiences and achievements over the past 16 years on the global stage in sustainability.

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