GLOBALLY research with Indeed in 2019 uncovered the specific difficulties faced by returning Australians, and possible actions that can make this process simpler. But with the global pandemic, many global Australians have had to return unexpectedly, and face even greater challenges finding employment and re-building a professional network without the luxury of meeting in-person with new contacts.

To hear your experience and shape our services, the #CoffeeHour brings together Australians who have returned or are planning their return. Each session has helped to clarify the challenges and needs of returning Australians, unpacked challenges to building a professional network, and the opportunities within Australia’s growing startup ecosystem. 

The next #CoffeeHour will be held on 30 September 2021. Registrations are open here.

We’ve summarised the key points from the #CoffeeHour discussions here:

What challenges have you faced when returning to Australia?

  1. Having overseas skills/experience valued by local employers and recruiters
  2. Getting feedback from recruiters/employers in Australia
  3. Working out where to live without first arranging employment
  4. Establishing professional and social networks in Australia
  5. Accessing banking and healthcare

How can you have your overseas skills valued?

  1. Connect with high growth companies who are ‘born global’
  2. Launch a startup on your own, or through a program like Antler
  3. Develop your ‘go to market’ strategy with specialist service providers
  4. Build a portfolio career to share expertise as an adviser/board member
  5. Take a role at an Australian public or private organisation that is undergoing transformation
  6. Live local and work global

Where to start from?

Build your own startup
Join professional networking events
Seek for career management advice
Find your next job in Australia
Attend professional development events

Any feedback? What are we missing here or let us know any tips you would like to share!