Meet Dr Siobhan Martin: A global champion of diversity and inclusion, whose leadership is transforming the experiences of workers and communities around the globe.

Get to know our 2022 Inspiring Corporate Leader Awardee, Dr Siobhan Martin, as she shares her insight and international career journey as the Global Leader (Culture, Leadership & Talent) at Aegon Asset Management. Named one of the world’s most influential HR Practitioners and top 10 global LGBT executives, Dr Martin has combined a PhD in Forensic Psychology from Monash University, with decades of global experience in human resource management, to establish best practice in People and Culture leadership that creates safe and inclusive workplaces and communities. Dr Martin sets an inspiring example of authentic leadership, through the sharing of her own story. Raised in poverty in rural Australia by her immigrant mother, a lone parent of 4, Dr Martin has overcome significant obstacles to succeed in a global career. A queer single mother herself, she is a survivor of domestic violence, and has turned her lived experience into the inspiration for her life’s work; determined to create companies and communities where others who have faced marginalisation, discrimination or hardship can have a voice at the leadership table, can feel supported and encouraged to thrive. Read more.