Introducing our 2022 Gamechangers. The Global Australian Award finalists including Australians living and working overseas; Australians who have built their career overseas in the past; and international alumni of Australian universities. The Global Australian Awards showcase the achievements of these inspiring global Australians who are innovating in their field and shaping the world.

We are excited to introduce to you our 2022 Gamechangers below. Stay tuned to this page and our socials as we announce new finalists each day!

Education & Research

Caroline Malcolm

Education & Research Finalist

Caroline Malcolm is one of the world’s most influential voices on blockchain and digital assets, and their impact on international public policy. As a senior leader working at the intersection of technology and financial systems, Ms Malcolm has spent the past decade at the forefront of global policy-making on tech, finance and tax issues. More here.

Professor Terence Tao

Education & Research Finalist

Professor Terence Tao is a humble achiever who happens to be one of the greatest mathematicians in the world. A child prodigy who grew up in the hills of Adelaide, Prof Tao is regarded as the Mozart of Maths, recognised globally for his natural ability to solve enormously complicated problems across a broad range of mathematical fields. More here.

Professor Phiala Shanahan

Education & Research Finalist

Professor Phiala Shanahan is a world-leading theoretical physicist and an inspiration to aspiring young scientists all over the world. At just 31 years of age, Prof Shanahan was just 27 years old when she became the youngest Professor of Physics at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where her research in theoretical nuclear and particle physics has shed new light on the structure and interactions of the most fundamental building blocks of our universe. More here.

Emerging Leader

Dr Elizabeth Jens

Emerging Leader Finalist

Dr Elizabeth Jens is one of the world’s leading rocket scientists, working on the front line of the international space industry. As a Propulsion and Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, Dr Jens helps lead the team working on the design of a new propulsion system to safely land the largest spacecraft ever attempted on Mars. More here.

Professor Kate Manne

Emerging Leader Finalist

Professor Kate Manne is a moral philosopher, regarded as one of the world’s top thinkers in the field of feminist philosophy. A prominent writer and commentator, Prof Manne’s first book Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny was published at the height of the #MeToo movement, exploring the nature, function and persistence of misogyny. The award-winning book offered a bridge between academic analysis and the broader…More here.

Dr Martin Seneviratne

Emerging Leader Finalist

Dr Martin Seneviratne is a doctor-turned-data scientist, bridging the divide between technology and healthcare. As a Clinical Data Scientist with Google Health in London, Dr Seneviratne is pushing the boundaries of modern medicine, exploring the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive new discoveries, revolutionise clinical workflows and improve the efficiency of medicine in day-to-day practice. More here.

Inspiring Corporate Leader

Tanya De Hoog

Inspiring Corporate Leader Finalist

Tanya de Hoog is a world-leading structural engineer placing impact at the centre of structural engineering. As a Principal & Director at structural engineering and design firm Thornton Tomasetti, Tanya has built a global platform for driving social and environmental innovation across the industry. After almost fifteen years establishing, growing and leading the firm’s London, Farrington office, in 2019 she moved to New York to launch the firm’s pioneering social impact initiative, Doing Good Business. More here.

Dr Siobhan Martin

Inspiring Corporate Leader Finalist

Dr Siobhan Martin is a global champion of diversity and inclusion, whose leadership is transforming the experiences of workers and communities around the globe. Named one of the world’s most influential HR Practitioners and top 10 global LGBT executives, Dr Martin has combined a PhD in Forensic Psychology from Monash University, with decades of global experience in human resource management, to establish best practice in People and Culture leadership that creates safe and inclusive workplaces and communities. More here.

Cameron Mclean

Inspiring Corporate Leader Finalist

Cameron Anthony McLean is a global leader in the rapidly growing fintech industry. Since starting out at Westpac in Sydney more than 25 years ago, he has built a global career as a senior executive working at the intersection of technology and financial services. Today, he is Senior Vice President for Europe and Australia Enterprise at PayPal, where he’s responsible for the commercial growth of PayPal’s global digital payments platform in some of the world’s largest and most dynamic economies. More here.

Science & Healthcare

Dr Stephen Hicks

Science & Healthcare Finalist

Dr Stephen Hicks is a scientist-turned-tech entrepreneur whose pioneering work is changing the lives of people living with visual impairment. An award-winning Oxford neuroscientist, Dr Hicks has spent the past decade researching and inventing at the cutting edge of medical innovation, combining neuroscience, computer vision, augmented reality and wearable technologies to launch two tech startups in this complex and critical field. More here.

Dr Barry Kirby AO

Science & Healthcare Finalist

Dr Barry Kirby AO is a carpenter-turned-doctor whose radical career change is now saving the lives of new mothers and babies in remote communities across Papua New Guinea. The founder of not-for-profit organisation, The Hands of Rescue, Dr Kirby has dedicated the second half of his life to reducing maternal mortality across PNG, providing remote maternal health checks, training midwives and delivering ‘baby bundles’ to incentivise expectant mothers to attend health clinics for the safe delivery of their babies. More here.

Dr Rosemary Morrow

Science & Healthcare Finalist

Dr Rosemary Morrow is a global expert on one of the most critical metrics of climate change: sea level. As a leading oceanographer, based at the Laboratory of Space Geophysical and Oceanographic Studies (LEGOS) in France, Dr Morrow’s research over the past three decades has played a central role in scientific understanding of sea level variations, and the connection to global warming. Dr Morrow’s expertise lies in the use of satellite and in-situ observations to monitor and measure ocean dynamics…More here.

Technology & Entrepreneurship

Dr Seiji Armstrong

Technology & Entrepreneurship Finalist

Dr Seiji Armstrong is a quantum physicist and machine learning specialist on a mission to make the internet safer. As Head of Machine Learning in the Trust and Safety division at Google headquarters in California, Dr Armstrong leads a dedicated team focused on protecting child safety, countering violent extremism and, most recently, eradicating Covid-19-related racial vilification online. More here.

Professor Kate Crawford

Technology & Entrepreneurship Finalist

Professor Kate Crawford is a leading scholar of the social and political implications of artificial intelligence (AI). As an award-winning author and academic who has dedicated more than 20 years to researching the impacts of technology on the modern world, Prof Crawford plays a critical role in shaping the global understanding of how machine learning, data and AI have been shaped by political and historical contexts, and are now influencing the foundations of human existence.  More here.

Dr Lee Rong

Technology & Entrepreneurship Finalist

Dr Lee Rong is a global pioneer of telecommunication technologies and their application in Industry 4.0. With over 20 years international experience in the field of telecommunications, Dr Rong is one of the world’s leading technical and commercial experts on 5G and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Having studied and worked in the field in Australia, France, Japan, and China, Dr Rong has had a quintessentially global career, which has taken him from academic researcher, to industry expert, and most recently, tech entrepreneur. More here.


Aisha Jalil

Alumni Finalist

Aisha Jalil is a trailblazer in international cricket, driving women’s participation from the pitch to the boardroom. As Manager of Game Development at the Pakistan Cricket Board and Manager of the national women’s team, Ms Jalil isthe architect behind a new approach to engaging women and girls in cricket from junior sport through to elite international representation. More here.

Madhavi Shankar

Alumni Finalist

Madhavi Shankar is a tech entrepreneur breaking through barriers for women in STEM across India and beyond. As co-founder and CEO of one of India’s fast growing tech startups, SpaceBasic, Ms Shankar inspires for women and girls across her country, eager to overcome gender and cultural stereotypes to become leaders in business and entrepreneurship. She represents a new generation of leaders, determined not to replicate business as usual and passionate about the impact their work has on the world. More here.

Dr Lee Rong

Alumni Finalist

Dr Antoni Tsaputra is a champion of inclusion and accessibility for people living with a disability. Following extensive studies in Australia, Dr Tsaputra has combined his positions as a government official, academic researcher and disability activist to drive systemic change in the way government policy is developed to include and benefit those living with a disability. More here.

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