Meet Dr Antoni Tsaputra: A champion of inclusion and accessibility for people living with a disability.

Get to know our 2022 Alumni GameChanger, Dr Antoni Tsaputra, as he shares his insight and international career journey as Indonesia Chair at the AU/IDN Disability Research & Advocacy Network. Following extensive studies in Australia, Dr Tsaputra has combined his positions as a government official, academic researcher and disability activist to drive systemic change in the way government policy is developed to include and benefit those living with a disability. Having been a wheel-chair user his whole life and dependent on the assistance of a full-time carer, Dr Tsaputra has powerful insight into the implications of public policy decisions on accessibility of government services, spaces and places. This insight, combined with his academic knowledge developed during his PhD in Disability Inclusive Budgeting at UNSW, has made Dr Tsaputra a powerful agent of change in his home country of Indonesia, and a recognised leader in his field around the world. Read more.