Meet Dr Aida Brankovic: An engineer and scientist working at the cutting edge of biomedical innovation.

Get to know our 2022 Social Impact GameChanger, Dr Aida Brankovic, as she shares her insight and international career journey as a Research Scientist at the CSIRO Australian e-health Research Centre. In her role, Dr Brankovic is applying her expertise in complex algorithms and machine learning to the development of new medical devices and decision support tools, improving the provision of healthcare and changing the lives of patients. In the four short years since she arrived in Australia, Dr Brankovic has developed machine learning-based algorithms for deployment across the major public hospitals in Queensland, contributing to better patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs across the system. She has contributed to the development of groundbreaking new medical imaging technology which has the potential to save thousands of lives, while also contributing to Australia’s reputation as a world leader in medical innovation. Read more.