Melanie Brock AM


Melanie Brock is one of Japan’s most respected APAC specialists. She uniquely combines practical commercial business leadership and language skills to consistently deliver on business, regulatory and partnership outcomes for Japanese and foreign corporations both on global and domestic levels.

Melanie has an excellent network in Japan’s corporate, political and government sectors – her network of senior Japanese politicians and executives is unique.

Melanie’s company represents leading Australian companies looking to gain access and invest in Japan. In recent times, Advisory has been engaged to support Japanese companies in Australia, and in Asia more broadly, as they expand their M&A presence.

Melanie is Chair Emeritus of the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan having completed over six years as Chair. She is a member of the ‘Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee’ (AJBCC). Melanie was appointed as a non executive director to the board of Sega Sammy Holdings in June 2019. Other positions include five years on the Australia Japan Foundation, Regional Manager, Meat & Livestock Australia – Japan.

Melanie remains passionate about assisting with reconstruction activities in areas of Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. She was awarded an honorary ambassadorship in several towns in the Tohoku area for her work in Tohoku post 3.11.

Melanie was born in Albany, Western Australia, is a graduate of University of Western Australia and has a Masters Degree from University of Queensland. Melanie is a mum and a grandmother and has lived and worked in Japan for 25 years. She received an award of Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia on Australia Day 2022 in recognition of her huge contribution to Australia-Japan relations over many years.