Ben Hindson: Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of 10x Genomics. 2021 Advance Life Sciences Winner

Video Interview:
Meet Dr Ben Hindson, Co-founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of 10x Genomics and 2021 Advance Life Sciences Winner. Ben is an entrepreneur and visionary, heading up a team of specialists who develop groundbreaking products combining hardware, chemistry and software to address the complexities of biology and disease with more accessibility and affordability. The ground-breaking company that started from an idea written on a napkin, went from startup to product launch in less than three years. Prior to co-founding 10xGenomics, Ben lived in Geelong Australia and completed a Bachelor of Science and PhD in Chemistry at Deakin University. He then went on to a postdoctoral fellowship in California and worked for Lawrence Livermore Lab and Homeland Security. Ben shares his optimism, calculated risks and his advice to focus on the big picture and to enjoy the journey.