Dr Ben Hindson

Dr Ben Hindson is an entrepreneur and a visionary at the forefront of life-science tools. He co-founded early-stage biotech company 10x Genomics with a mission to democratise single cell analysis. The company achieves this by bringing software specialists, hardware experts, biologists, chemists and data scientists to address the complexities of biology and disease with more accessibility and affordability. As President, Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer, and Director at 10x Genomics, Dr Hindson says starting the company “wasn’t all about me, it was all about what we can do for the world”. 10x Genomics builds products to interrogate, understand and master biology to advance human health. The company’s integrated solutions include instruments, consumables and software for analysing biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of biology. The single-cell products can enable high-throughput analysis of individual biological components up to millions of single cells. These technologies help accelerate discoveries in research areas including drug and CRISPR screens, large-scale translational studies, cell mapping, antibody discovery, and biomarker identification. The single-cell sequencing products are used by all the top 100 research facilities globally, and the 10x Genomics team are currently working with Axiom Space to ensure that researchers in the International Space Station have the same powerful capabilities to help answer questions such as how humans live in space long-term.

Prior to co-founding 10xGenomics, Dr Hindson lived in Geelong Australia and completed a Deakin University Bachelor of Science and PhD in Chemistry. The ground-breaking company went from startup to product launch in less than three years. Subsequent product launches brought a range of fundamental new capabilities to accelerate research across different areas of biology. 10x Genomics announces new products early and often, testing them to see how they succeed in the market. The company holds over 700 patents or patent applications for assays and instrumentation. Most recently, the company has released its new Visium Spatial Gene Expression for FFPE. The product combines the benefits of histological techniques with the massive throughput and discovery power of next generation sequencing, advancing discoveries in clinical research. 10x Genomics is playing an important role in the COVID-19 response – supplying products to academic labs, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

“Helping others succeed, thereby inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers”