Anuradha Gupta

Asia Impact Award Winner 2022
Anuradha Gupta is a global health leader whose work has saved the lives of millions of children in communities around the world.

Dr Aihua Wang

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Dr Jianhua Zhao and Dr Aihua Wang have dedicated their remarkable careers to the advancement of solar cell technologies.

Dr Rossa Chiu

Asia Impact Award Winner 2020

Dr Rossa Chiu is a professor in the department of chemical pathology and Associate Dean for Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Determined to tackle the cancer epidemic, she and her colleagues have been developing blood tests with the goal to identify cancers early, thereby reducing cancer-related deaths.

Jianhua Zhao

Asia Impact Award Winner 2013
Sustainability Award Winner 2013

Working with his wife he made remarkable advances in solar cell technologies, and prices continue to drop.

Jimmy Pham AM

Asia Impact Award Winner 2021
Jimmy Pham AM is the unstoppable force and visionary founder behind Vietnam’s leading social enterprise KOTO (Know One, Teach One).

Yijia Li

Asia Impact Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE ASIA IMPACT AWARD WINNER 2019ADVANCE ASIA ADVISORY COMMITTEE Yijia Li graduated from Tsinghua University in 2009 as a distinguished student majoring in Biology and received a double degree in Economics at Peking University.