Dr Rossa Chiu


Dr Rossa Chiu is a professor in the department of chemical pathology and Associate Dean for Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Determined to tackle the cancer epidemic, she and her colleagues have been developing blood tests with the goal to identify cancers early, thereby reducing cancer-related deaths. Rossa emphasises the importance of focusing on better diagnostics. At any one time, among every 1,000 individuals, there are 2 persons with known cancer, and only 50% of cancer patients survive beyond 10 years. In her work, Rossa develops DNA tests to solve diagnostic challenges. Her ground-breaking research has previously developed non-invasive tests to identify fetal diseases by analysing small amounts of baby’s DNA in mother’s blood samples. Since 2011, this has led to worldwide changes in prenatal testing practices.

Dr Rossa Chiu was named among the ‘Top 20 Translational Researchers of 2018’ by the world-renowned scientific journal Nature Biotechnology. Rossa has won numerous international awards for her research and holds over 485 patents. She has published over 175 peer-reviewed research articles and 15 books or chapters; and has delivered 160 invited presentations around the world. To translate her research findings into clinical tests, Rossa has founded Xcelom, DRA, Cirina and Take2. She served as president of the Hong Kong Society of Clinical Chemistry, was on the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s awards committee, is on the Board of Directors of the International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis and is an Associate editor of Clinical Chemistry and Human Genetics and Genomics Advances. She is a member of American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hall of Fame, since winning the 2013 Award for Outstanding Scientific Contributions for a Young Investigator.


Finalist for the Asia Impact Award 2020
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Winner of the Advance Asia Impact Award 2020
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