The Advance Awards recognise the work of remarkable global Australians making an extraordinary impact on the global stage in industry sectors that are of particular importance to Australia.

Australians are known as being resourceful, creative and free-thinking. With our irrepressible sense of optimism combined with openness towards other cultures, it is no wonder that so many Australians and graduates of Australian universities choose to build their career globally. We know that succeeding professionally overseas means embracing risks, working in unfamiliar environments, and operating without an established network – it takes guts, curiosity and ambition. The Awards recognise and celebrate these qualities.

Established in 2012, we are excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Awards in 2021. The Awards have helped us promote over 100 outstanding individuals who are shaping our world.

Past Award Winners

Meet our overall Advance Award winners. The Advance Awards recognises the outstanding achievements of Australians living and working around the world. 

In 2020, for the first time, we announced joint overall winners, Abigail Allwood and Tim Kentley Klay. Our 2019 Advance overall winner was David Putrino. In 2018 Thomas Oxley. Meet all our other past award winners here

Interested in applying?

Read more about our Judging Panel of eminent Australians, our frequently asked questions, the nomination process, eligibility criteria and selection criteria used by the Judges.

Our frequently asked questions will help you learn about the nominations. Most of your question should be answered here, if not please send any other questions to [email protected]. We will respond within two days, and also add your question to this FAQ list. 

Judging panel

The judges for the Advance Awards are eminent Australians. Chaired by Advance Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Ken Allen AO, the judges are chosen for their expertise, integrity, and standing in Australia and around the world.