Advance #BornGlobal S2 Ep21: Professor Phiala Shanahan

In this podcast series, Season 2 shines a spotlight on the outstanding finalists and awardees from the Global Australian Awards 2022, who are making a substantial impact around the world. These inspiring GameChangers generously share the story of their international career journey with us, the highlights and challenges, and what motivates them in their work. We celebrate their optimism, creativity and resourcefulness to succeed across the globe.

Season 1 of the #BornGlobal GameChanger podcast series celebrates the GameChangers from our 2021 Awards, who are also incredibly inspiring individuals! We hope you enjoy listening to the stories of these remarkable global Australians.

In this episode, you will meet Prof Phiala Shanahan, Education and Research GameChanger in the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Professor Phiala Shanahan is a world-leading theoretical physicist and an inspiration to aspiring young scientists all over the world. At just 31 years of age, Prof Shanahan was just 27 years old when she became the youngest Professor of Physics at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where her research in theoretical nuclear and particle physics has shed new light on the structure and interactions of the most fundamental building blocks of our universe. Her innovative use of machine learning techniques in lattice quantum field theory calculations has led to a new generation of algorithms exploiting artificial intelligence to enable studies that were previously thought to be computationally intractable.

In this interview, hear about  Prof Shanahan’s groundbreaking work in the field of theoretical physics. She concisely explains some of her current complex research and shares different developments within her field. She inspires young women to pursue careers in STEM, and emphasises how vital creativity is this work. 

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