Living overseas can be challenging but so can moving back to Australia. Advance would like to help make your return easier. Our Talent Return Program will provide you with resources through panels, speakers sessions, coaching sessions and more to assist you in preparing for, and adapting through the move.

WHO: The Talent Return program is recommended for those who have recently returned (2021/2022), and those who are considering moving home in the next 2 years.

WHAT: This thoughtfully-crafted, online program guides you through the steps to return home, and primarily focuses on the career-related aspects of your move. Through a collaboration with Aussie Expats Coming Home, we will also share resources and provide access to assist you plan the logistical aspects of your return. Participants will have a chance to meet and build relationships with others in the program, as well as experts and specialists who can support you. See our full program here.

COST: This program is delivered free of charge to participants. Advance programs are delivered through financial support from the Australian Government, our valued corporate partners, and generous donors.

WHEN: Our next programs will be hosted in October of 2023.

October 2023 – 24, 25 and 26 *, 6:30pm – 8:30pm AEDT. Best for Australia, Asia, UK and Europe. Register here. (Registrations close on the 16th of October)
* See the graphic below for your local timezone

If you have any questions about the program, or if you are unable to join either cohort, please let us know.

It far exceeded my expectations and I came away feeling inordinately grateful for such a supportive, thoughtful and helpful resource. The knowledge that I wasn’t alone in my challenges readjusting to moving “home” was not only reassuring, it was also empowering to know that its just a part of the process and that I simply needed to put my head down and keep on working at my networks and my own well being to ensure I “stay above the line”. I’ve already got coffees planned with fellow attendees in both Sydney and Melbourne and I’m putting my learnings into action. .– Rory

I found this a well balanced, timely, informative and very useful collection of sessions – covering a range of solutions to making the challenging transition from living overseas to returning home to Australia, especially from the point of view of recruitment, building your brand, managing expectations and building the mental resilience to keep going. By interacting with participants, it was comforting to know that I was not the only one facing these challenges. I highly recommend this program! Tim

This was most helpful in helping me getting my head together about moving back home. The information was most valuable and a really good choice for all the presenters! -Vivien

I found the Advance Talent Return program helpful in providing pertinent information to Australians planning to return from overseas. Having adept speakers advising on various topics helped challenge some ingrained ways of thinking & giving a realistic overview. – Harley

Thank you Advance Team! The Advance Talent Return Program is a truly unique and invaluable tool for all Australians planning to, or have already moved back to Australia, and seek to re-connect with fellow returned Australians as well as re-establish into the community after being abroad for some time. This is a highly recommended program for any Australian moving back. – Ben

A terrific program to meet other returnees in the same boat, learn from others who have experienced the same situation and hear from experts on what lies ahead. – Anna

The program was a great way for me to confirm my own checklist and process for preparing a return home covered all the bases; it also made me aware of several other great resources I had not previously come across. And quite unexpectedly, I have the beginnings of a fledgling network from amongst those who joined my program cohort. It’s reassuring to know others are facing the same home-coming hurdles! – Jo