Betty Who

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2017
ADVANCE COMMERICAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2017 Betty Who was born in Sydney and raised as a classical cellist, until moving to the US in her adolescence to study music.

Jonathan Mills AO

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2014
ADVANCE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AWARD WINNER 2014 “As an artist himself, a composer, Jonathan understands the arts from a personal perspective.

Justin O'Shea

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2016
ADVANCE COMMERCIAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2016 Justin spent his formative years in a remote aboriginal community in Queensland, Australia, working in the mines with his father and unpacking boxes at a supermarket.

Natalie Jeremijenko AO

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2019
ADVANCE COMMERICAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2019 One of America’s brightest digital pioneers, Natalie Jeremijenko has been named one of the Top 100 young innovators by the MIT Technology Review, and one of the Top 40 most influential designers by I.D.

Sam Levy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2021
Sam Levy is the Managing Partner of Trumper Park, a New York based theatrical production and consulting firm.

Siobhan Reddy

Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2015
ADVANCE COMMERCIAL CREATIVES AWARD WINNER 2015 Siobhan Reddy is Studio Director at Media Molecule, the band of creative minds behind the hugely successful and innovative LittleBigPlanet game franchise.

Tim Kentley Klay

Overall Award Winner 2020
Commercial Creatives Award Winner 2020

Tim Kentley Klay is a creative and technical entrepreneur. He describes himself as a painter, designer, animator, film-maker, trouble-maker and thinker.