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Hear the highlights from the February 2022 cohort

<strong>Eve</strong> - Client Manager
Eve – Client Manager

Having been involved with Advance since I lived in Japan, joining the NextGen program had come highly recommended. I returned from eight years in Japan in 2021 and had to rebuild my personal and professional networks after spending all of my undergraduate and professional life over there. The NextGen program not only connects you with like-minded peers but also with amazing established professionals in varied and diverse fields. I was able to help people connect and learn about working overseas or joining various programs, but also network and learn myself.  I have already recommended the program to many of my friends and colleagues and look forward to reconnecting with the friends I made throughout. Thanks, Advance!

<strong>Matthew</strong> - Researcher
Matthew – Researcher

Thank you so much to Mandy and Johanna – It was always a pleasure to attend the sessions. As an early career professional there is always continual change on the horizon that is both exciting and uncertain. Being able to take time out of my schedule to engage with this programme allowed me to contextualise my experiences and learn from others. Moving forward, I’ve added to my “tool-kit” as a young Aussie working abroad. I can see that there is value in my experiences and I move forward with a little bit more confidence knowing that there is a whole group of people who have been here before.

<strong>Edwin</strong> - Engineer
Edwin – Engineer

The Advance NextGen program was fun, engaging and most of all very practical. I’ve learnt how to build my personal brand and expand my network while being inspired by leaders across diverse sectors. It was great to hear others’ perspectives and walk away with a global outlook on my career. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn from some of the best in the industry!

<strong>James</strong> - Analyst
James – Analyst

Online learning and interaction is something very few organisations can get right – the next gen program not only exceeded my expectations but showed just how valuable the diversity of fields, experience and outlook can be to enriching the learning experience.

<strong>Kate</strong> - CEO
Kate – CEO

For someone who was in the process of returning from overseas it was great to connect with other interesting professionals and hear stories of others who have transitioned back recently too. It can be intimidating to return after so long away; this program was a great refresher.

<strong>Natalie</strong> - Tech
Natalie – Tech

I really enjoyed being part of the last cohort of It helped me realign a lot of my life goals and ambitions and pushed me to really take time and think about where I want to go. It’s actually what motivated me to find my current role in tech (global firm) and back in Talent. I really love everything Advance is doing!


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