GLOBALLY programs are designed to connect global Australians with one another irrespective of where they live, study or work. They are designed to provide insights that come from those working in the field as recognised leaders making a significant impact globally. Connections are fostered by discussions on-line and in person, in intimate gatherings and large groups. The aim is to unlock the ideas, insights and the depth of expertise to provide Australia and Australians with the competitive advantage in global markets that comes from working together for the national good. The various programs are discussed below.


The Advance Awards recognise global Australians who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition. The achievements are celebrated at the annual Advance Awards Gala dinner supported by Advance Patron, the Prime Minister of Australia and industry leaders.  MORE >


A roundtable discussion curated by a high-achieving and innovative individual within the Advance community. These intimate events are limited to 25 guests, providing them with a chance to gain fresh perspectives and cultivate future collaborations through exchanges on latest industry trends, international cultural, political and social issues and how they relate to Australia. MORE >


A periodic digital newsletter that shares news of global Australians and the impact they are making, senior executive movements, major events, challenges open and also presents podcasts and other recorded activities for those who were unable to attend. MORE >


A more in-depth conversation with a GameChanger or member of the Advance community is interviewed to uncover their insights and experiences, before a curated Q&A session is held. MORE >


Advance aims to nurture and support the next generation of Australian leaders. We are devoted to the exchange of knowledge, connections, and ideas to inspire and empower global Australians to succeed around the world. The program provides advice to help students find direction in their studies and refine their career goals. Mentors share their own professional and personal experiences, and knowledge to support students with their development goals. MORE >

RESEARCH AND SURVEYS conducts research with partners to inform decision making in relation to global Australians and the opportunities available to Australia and the markets its serves. Our report in 2019 “They Still Call Australia Home” discussed the experience of global Australians returning to Australia. In 2020 we will be conducting two pieces of research that allow us to identify the skills available globally and the gaps for skills in the Australian economy. MORE >


Open discussions to which all global Australians and their friends are invited to attend. Presentations delivered by global Australian leaders, former Advance Award winners and the Ambassadors from key locations. MORE >