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Advance Annual Survey of Global Australians

Now is the time to make your story heard. Take the Advance Annual Survey of Global Australians and help us understand what’s happening in your world so we can design better services and programs for all global Australians. It will only take 5 minutes of your time. Please also feel free to share the survey with others in your network.

They Still Call Australia Home

The report, ‘They Still Call Australia Home’ explores the attitudes of Australian business and recruitment decision-makers towards Australians who have travelled and worked abroad. It also captures the job-seeking experiences of Australians who have worked, or are working, overseas and navigating their return to Australia. A key highlight from the report’s findings is the need for Australian businesses and recruiters to broaden their search to include ex-pats returning home to Australia.

PwC: Our diaspora’s got talent

We are living in the Asian century with four of five largest economies predicted to be in Asia within the next 15 years. Australians are making their marks across the world but the reality is they simply don’t work for Australian companies. They are overlooked by policy makers in Australia and passed over by corporates when they choose to return home.

The Australian Diaspora

We refer anecdotally to a ‘virtual grid’ of over one million Australians living and working abroad at any one time, but who are these one million wanderers, and where are they now? In 2013 Advance embarked on a journey to answer these questions on behalf of the bright and far-flung community of Australians abroad. Our research confirmed something we already knew – wherever you go in the world, you’ll likely run into an Australian.

DFAT: 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper

The Government is publishing this White Paper to chart a clear course for Australia at a time of rapid change. Over the coming decade Australia will need to pursue its interests in a more competitive and contested world. The broad themes of opportunity, security and strength sit at the heart of this White Paper. They recognise that an outward-looking Australia fully engaged with the world is essential to our future security and prosperity.

Out of sight, out of mind? Australia’s diaspora as a pathway to innovation

Australian CEOs value collaboration as a very important skill, however only 7.7% of Australian businesses collaborate with international firms while innovating products or processes. In this report, PwC and Advance explore Australia’s diaspora as a pathway to innovation.