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ADVANCE CONNECT : Global Digital Roundtable with Lucy Turnbull AO

Location: Australia, Online |
As we begin to map the recovery post Covid-19, the accepted wisdom around cities is turned on its head. Everything from the upending of the retail sector to residential property and the shift back to local communities with its impact on infrastructure needs and the delivery of our services. Lucy Turnbull AO will consider what this means for how we shape the way we live, work and play? More >

ADVANCE CONNECT : A Global Digital Roundtable with Former Washington correspondent for the ABC, Zoe Daniel

Location: Australia, Online |
Zoe Daniel is a former ABC journalist and presenter. She has reported on conflict, famine, natural disasters, repression and poverty across the world in countries as diverse as Sudan, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Burma, Vietnam, Thailand and was until recently, Washington correspondent for the ABC. She joins us to share her experience as a foreign correspondent. More >

ADVANCE CONNECT : Global Digital Roundtable with Everledger CEO, Leanne Kemp

Location: Australia, Online |
Everledger CEO joins us for a conversation about her work as Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and updates us on the rise and rise of Everledger, a company she founded to create a secure and permanent digital record of an asset's origin, characteristics and ownership. More >

Thriving in Singapore

Singapore Cricket Club |
Whether you are new to Singapore, or even if you’ve been here a while, you can find out more about life on this tiny island. Learn top tips from our … Continued. More >