Victor Brooker

Victor is in the final semester of a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Psychology at LaTrobe University.

His goal is to make a better world for learners using technology. He is involved with the Melbourne startup community and loves the passion, drive and optimism displayed by its members.

Victor is the founder of Roda, a startup that aims to improve the daily life of teachers and students. His current focus is on launching Lacuna, an app that aims to raise the bar for quality and interactivity in tertiary course content and has interest at over 20 universities across Australia.

He has previously designed patent-pending software that helps young children identify emotions before they have the vocabulary to explain their feelings independently. He is currently working on Classmetrics, which will apply this in a classroom setting and help teachers receive insights about how their students will learn best. 

Victor worked with the La Trobe University Law Students’ Association on their successful rebrand and was responsible for their digital strategy, branding and new website. In 2012 he become one of a handful of Australians to study the Facial Action Coding System, a method of identifying and recording facial expressions that can occur in 1/20th of a second.