Trish Wadley


Trish Wadley, a journalist by training, transitioned from a successful career in the media to become a highly accomplished and innovative theatre producer. With a strong background in marketing and media, Wadley made her mark in London after moving from Australia in 1997. She held prominent roles as Marketing Director for Thomson Financial and The Independent Newspaper before venturing into the world of theatre.

As an independent producer, Wadley has left a significant impact on the theatrical landscape, working at prestigious venues such as the Bush Theatre and Tricycle Theatre. Her productions have showcased a blend of creativity and excellence, spanning both traditional theatre spaces and unique site-specific locations. Notable among her achievements is “The Wider Earth” by David Morton, a captivating play staged in a purpose-built theatre at The Natural History Museum. The production garnered widespread acclaim, receiving an Olivier Award nomination and attracting the attendance of esteemed figures like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Beyond her theatrical endeavours, Wadley is actively involved in various cultural organisations. She serves as a trustee of The Britain Australia Society and holds a directorship at The Uncertainty Principle. Additionally, Wadley co-founded The Australian & New Zealand Festival of Literature & Arts (FANZA), further contributing to the cultural enrichment of the community. With her unwavering commitment to artistic excellence and her ability to bring innovative productions to life, Trish Wadley continues to make a significant impact on the world of theatre.