Tony Wilson

Tony grew up aspiring to solve the world’s problems, with a particular interest in aerospace applications. His journey in his high school years was accompanied with four years in the Australian Air Force Cadets as a Leading Cadet, where he earned his gliding solo license. Achieving this fulfilled his passion, but he felt a lack of satisfaction in tackling complex problems on a more global level. Engineering filled that gap, and he is now in his final semester studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering at The University of Queensland.

During his undergraduate studies, he completed three internships across the latter three years of his degree; including two in airline-based engineering roles, and one engineering role with a coal mine in regional Queensland. As well as these various industry experiences, Tony plays tennis socially, spending time attempting to master his work-social-study balance.

Tony’s aspirations revolve around aiming to be an industry leader in the Engineering field, whether that be through a technical-based path, or through a project management/consultancy career; both rooted in his love of communicating with others, and helping them solve problems.