Tennille Bernhard

Bachelor of Asian Studies (Specialist)
Murdoch University

I was drawn to apply to this program as I believe it presented a great opportunity to gain knowledge, support and advice from someone who has first-hand experience within a field I am interested in pursuing a career in. Also, as I am half-way through my studies I felt it would be a perfect time to have the support of a mentor who I could bounce ideas off and assist in providing advice for future academic decisions which best relate to the type of work I am interested in.

I am really looking forward to developing a close relationship with my mentor and am excited to be sharing ideas with someone who is passionate about the same issues as me. I am looking forward to hearing real-life examples of the work they haves been doing and taking from this ideas to apply in my own career when the time comes. I also hope in some small way I can contribute as a ‘mentee’ and that my mentor gets as much out of this program that I do.