Robert Guzowski

Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) 
University of Technology, Sydney

I applied to be part of the Advance Global Australian Awards Mentoring Program so that I might get some exposure to the things I love learning about, but outside of a university context. I wanted to see what my chosen industry – biotechnology – looks like in the real world as opposed to in a textbook, and the Mentoring Program gives me an unparalleled opportunity to do exactly that.

I’m looking forward to better getting to know my mentor, and the work he does and the perspective he has on the industry that he has become a professional within. I’m also very excited to see how the theory from my studies translates into reality, and especially to see just what it takes (beyond just a good idea) to create success.

The best part of the Ceremony was meeting everyone there: from the other Mentees at my table and the Award winners-cum-Mentors, to the other guests and supporters of Advance that made the Global Australian Awards and Mentoring Program possible.